How smoking marijuana with glass pipe has become a passion among the smokers?


Without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to smoke marijuana is by using glass bongs. If you like smoking and think about your health then this is article you have been looking for. Not only the pipe bongs are made with designer glass with various shapes and colours, but also be made of acrylic, bamboo and ceramics. Smoking from a glass bong is different from smoking from a pipe or paper because of the large smoking capacity that the bong may contain. Keep reading to explore the world of bongs.

What makes bong the best way to smoke?

Many people use bongs just because of how fun they are, but unknowingly they are getting a much cleaner and less harmful smoke when compared to the very hot smoke that a paper joint produces. As soon as you light a foundation, the fire heats the entire length of the paper very quickly and consequently the grass.

What smokers do not realize is that the temperature of the smoke is really high, which causes damage to your lungs and respiratory system. So if you stop to think, the question comes – how much better is it in water bongs? Well imagine something dragging all this hot smoke into a cold water pool. Imagine also this smoke on a glass surface that grabs all the impurity, including the tar. Many bongs, in addition to having water to cool and purify the smoke, still have the Ice Catcher which is nothing more than a device that allows you to put ice stones in the bong’s suction pipe to cool the smoke even further.


There are two main types of bongs:

Glass Bongs – More expensive and because they are more delicate, break easier, the advantage is not to change the taste of the herb so much and to be easier to clean

Acrylic Bongs – Easier to find because they are cheaper and more resistant.

How to use Bong?

Using the bong is fairly easy:

  • Fill the water bong until it covers a couple of fingers of the metal tube.
  • Put the weed in the small metal bowl.
  • Light the grass with a normal flame lighter – leave the flame on until smoke.
  • Pull the smoke through the top of the bong, into the larger nozzle.
  • Most bongs have a small hole in the side, plug it with your finger to better pull the smoke.

Note: If the bong has a breather, remove your finger from it or remove the bowl. Doing so removes the substance and allows the smoke to escape out of the bong without pressure. If you need to take an inhalation break at any point, cover the mouthpiece with the palm of your hand before removing a breath.

Bong gives you even filtered smoke

When you compare smoke from the basement to bong, it is immediately clear that glass bongs are the smartest way to smoke. Bongs are for unique moments and you’re sure to have a good time. They are fun and interesting. Bongs are collectibles, they are artistic and are also decorating pieces to expose to your friends on a shelf or cabinet. You can modify your bong to make it unique. Often people who buy a bong never go back.

If you are one of those who have never tried a bong, be aware that there are benefits to bonging, i.e. using bong instead of smoking herbs by rolling a cigarette. The bongada method is considered by users to be a healthier way to smoke any herb, a “harm reducer” because it cools the smoke and purifies it with water rather than using pipes or coils that leave the coals very hot.


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