Why you should know these myths regarding beach skydiving if a beginner


The passion for this sport begins with the Tandem Jump. Two people can jump together through a double harness system. This variant of traditional skydiving has allowed virtually anyone to qualify for the jump, of course accompanied by a professional Sky diving Miami instructor who is responsible for doing all the manoeuvres. The Tandem skydiving is a unique experience that adventurers and adrenaline lovers cannot miss. Not surprisingly, more and more people are encouraged to try this experience of heights. If you are still not sure if you should parachute, we leave you some information that will convince you to do so and put aside your fears and all those thoughts that stand in your way to do it.


Myths: Skydiving is very dangerous

While skydiving is an extreme sporting activity, it is less risky than many others such as snowboarding, skiing or climbing. Statistically, you are less likely to suffer an accident in skydiving than in any of the above. And, with the Sky diving Miami professional instructor, you have exactly 0% chance of misfortune. This is what they have been doing for years – safe landing without any causalities.

You may lack oxygen while jumping

Speed and height are not a limitation to breathe normally. So you won’t need oxygen tanks or anything like that. It is more nervousness and rapid heart rate that can give a feeling of “running out of air.” Do not throw yourself if you are afraid of heights or are dizzy. Actually this should not affect at all. Vertigo only occurs when there is contact with the ground. That is why looking out the window of the plane does not cause the same feeling as looking at the ground from a skyscraper. The same goes for Tandem Jump.

When you jump you feel a sudden fall into a vacuum or stomach almost in your chest. The feeling is really very different. When you jump an air cushion, created by the speed of the plane, support your body as you accelerate. This is why the sensation is not free fall and is actually much more compared to floating or flying. Seeing the blue sky, there is no other object with which you relate the fall.

When the parachute opens, you ascend

Surely you have seen many videos in which it seems just like that. However, it is an optical illusion that occurs if there is another person recording the video. When the parachute opens you keep falling, only the speed is reduced considerably. People love to parachute because it is the closest to flying. The experience of Sky diving Miami is wonderful and of course the view is something that will also leave you breathless. Adrenaline and energy release make the body feel good. The amount of energy that is released is such that after the jump you will feel much more relaxed and of course happy by the segregation of endorphins. After take-off it takes 20 minutes to get on the plane to reach the indicated height to make the jump.

Here we recommend you these tips

Make the reservation at least five days in advance and try to join a group. So you can pay less because most places give preferential rates for groups or by booking in advance.Dress in comfortable clothes and preferably closed and flat shoes.Ask about the weather. Check that it is not a rainy season because rain or strong winds could cancel your jump. If this happens, the company should postpone your jump at no cost.Arrive with time. The activity, from registration to the end of the jump, can take approximately 3 to 4 hours.


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