How To Save Facebook Videos to Camera Roll on iPhone/iPad


Viewing online videos on smartphones are getting famous these days. If you are using Facebook, you must have come across an entertaining or hilarious video that you required to save to your iPhone. Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide a characteristic to download and save videos to your iPhone. There are so many methods through which you can save Facebook videos to the Camera roll on iPhone/iPad.

Here we will tell you the methods to save Facebook Videos to Camera Roll on iPhone/iPad:-


HOW TO FIND FACEBOOK VIDEO USING URL:–  If you wish to download the Facebook video, you need a URL of that video. For this you have to do:

  1. On your browser, open Facebook and on the footage right-click anywhere and click on the show video URL option.

  1. After that, you will see a video URL. Copy this URL anywhere.

  1. To copy a link to the video directly inside the Facebook app on mobile, you will see the Share button click on that option and select the Copy Link option.


How to Save Facebook Videos to Camera Roll:-

  1. SCREEN RECORDING:– You can record some part of the Facebook video using screen recording feature on the iPhone.

On the bottom, you have a control center option. In this, you will see the screen recording option. Then continue to the Facebook video which you want to record, swipe up, and select on record. Orient the video and set the playback time to let it record, and when you have done, then tapped on stop recording. This method is the way to save the video on the camera roll.

  1. USING MYMEDIA:- This is an iOS app, and it is available on iOS 9 or later.
  1. You have to download the MyMedia app on your iOS device.
  1. Now open Facebook in your iOS device and go to the video which you want to download. Then click on the share button and click on copy link option.
  1. Open the MyMedia app and then using the inbuilt browser go to the

  1. Now you have to paste the link of the video. Click on the Download button.
  1. You have to download the video in Normal quality or HD quality. Choose the video quality which you want to download the video.

  1. Click on the option of video quality and download the file to confirm.
  1. Now, insert the name of the file and click on the Save option.
  1. When the video has been downloaded, at the top right click on the Back and at the top right tap on the Media tab.

  1. Click on the video name and choose Save to Camera Roll in the menu. When the apps ask for permission, click on the OK button.

Now you have successfully downloaded the video to your camera roll.


  1. On your browser, open Facebook and move to the video which you want to download.
  1. Now click on the video to play.
  1. On top of the video, click on the three dots.
  1. Now click on save video option.
  1. Now your videos have been saved. If you wish to watch the video later then on the bottom of the screen, click on the more option and select the saved option.

Now you can see all the saved videos from the list.

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