Instagram’s Restrict feature now lets you shadowban your bullies or Abusive Accounts.

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Instagram is working out a new mode called “Restrict” feature that will allow account owners to effectively shadowban a user who comments on pictures with offensive or abusive language. This “Restrict” feature first moved into public testing in July.

Online abuse and bullying is a big concern facing social media platforms these days. Also, with a kind of privacy settings, it’s not always possible to weed out abusive accounts. To that end, Instagram has now launched a new “Restrict” feature, which will allow users to shadow ban abusive and bullying accounts.

With this feature of Instagram, when a user restricts another account, the account holder will not be blocked from viewing their account. Still, any comments made by the restricted account will only be noticeable to the commenter. Furthermore, messages from the restricted account will automatically be sent to the Message Requests section on Instagram, even if the user has earlier replaced words with them.
The feature should prove hugely valuable, especially to female users and celebrities who often have to deal with abusive and hateful comments and messages on Instagram. With a shadowban feature, the abusive accounts of users will not be able to find out that their account has been restricted towards the user.

To restrict an account, you have to do that users can swipe on their comment on Instagram, and select “Restrict” option or move over to the user’s account and restrict them from there. From the last few years, Instagram has started taking online bullying or abusing more seriously than ever before, and this new feature should prove valuable to users who are suffering online bullying or abusing such a big platform. Instagram is also supporting its users, especially the younger ones, to take a stand against abusing words and bullying and develop positivity.


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