Sports kits are high on utility, which is the reason why their demand line on the graph has been on the rise incessantly. Because they are high on utility and a phenomenal source of branding, mass preference is now shifting from traditional standardised sports kits to personalised sports kits. It is with the latter that you get a chance to design your own sportswear. In this blog, we will discuss one crucial point about designing your own sports wear and that is, product comparison.


With various options available online, creating your own sportswear is a charming affair because you get to choose the design and style that suits you the best. To some, that may seem ordinary. But wait until we tell you about the extraordinary way you can choose virtually almost any colour for your sports kit. You can also choose to add your team’s, club’s and/or sponsor’s logo and align it well with your team member’s or your name, initials and number.

With the doubt about these extraordinary options out, you may feel keen to ask where you can find these options online. Here we have picked one of the best out of the mix for you. It is called Zapkam.


For you to customise your sportswear, Zapkam offers its free online 3D Kit Designer that speaks of its over fifteen years of manufacturing experience. Using its kit designer, you can create your own hoodie, create your own football kit, and simply create your own sports kit. While that advantage is for the keep, there is another major advantage with Zapkam, and that advantage lies in its ability to help you compare products.

For instance: If you choose to compare, say quarter zip training tops with tracksuit jackets, you would get a whole list of features, benefits and limitations, which is remarkable. Since we are at it, let us grab a look at this particular comparison.

So, quarter zip training tops come in polyester double interlock material and are available in slim fit sizes. They are mostly used by semi professional clubs. On the other hand, tracksuit jackets are wind breaker jackets with adjustable pullers, and mesh lining on the inside.

The upside of choosing quarter zip tops is that you can use them to train in. Plus, these give a professional identity to you. The downside, however, is that these do not have a hood and are not shower proof.

Tracksuit jackets, on the other hand, are ideal for a windy day. These are perfect for committee members and great for bowls players. The limitations are similar to a quarter zip top, which means, these come without a hood and are not shower proof.

This gives a clear picture of what to expect when comparing two products on a as powerful website as Zapkam. There is a wide range of other products that you can compare on Zapkam, including sweatshirts, hoodies, manager jacket, tracksuit bottoms, tight fit bottoms, football shirts and polo shirts among others.


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