Homeschooling: Pros and Cons


Education has come a long way in the times that passed. More subjects have been introduced in countless curricula, more students around the world have enrolled in their own schools (including many international schools around Manila), and above all, most forms of education can take place outside of the typical classroom setting, including from the comfort of your own home—thus it being called ‘homeschooling’.

Homeschooling can bring a lot of impact to anyone wishing to venture into this particular field of education—though like most things in life, it has its fair share of pros and cons for people to consider. Interested in placing your child in homeschool? Here are some of the pros and cons about the matter at hand:

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To start, let’s look at the benefits homeschooling can provide. Here are some of the best examples to consider for the positive side of homeschooling:

  • Physical Freedom

One thing that comes with homeschooling is the absolute freedom granted to their pupil. Since their classroom is set within the comforts of their own home, homeschooled children get much physical freedom as they are free to roam around their own home if they wish to. Of course, a proper schedule must be allotted for work, which will be explained in the next pro…

  • More Scheduling

Since the classroom is set within your home, one pro to consider is none other than the more effective way of scheduling work to be done for your child. As a parent, you would want to set suitable limits to on your child’s activities in order to teach them to prioritize what needs to be prioritized first to give more room for relaxation, especially when they’re at a young age. Setting at least an hour or two devoted to learning can be a great way to start, gradually building up as you continue homeschooling.

  • Well-Rested Children

Of course, one of the great things about homeschooling is that you won’t have to worry about waking your children up early in the morning just to catch the bus and make it to their first class of the day. Instead, you can ensure that your children will get the right amount of sleep everyday of the week, which in turn instills in them full attention for learning.


Now, we look at the cons for homeschooling. Here are some of the best ones you’d need to consider when you choose to opt for homeschooling:

  • Limited Sports Activity

The best thing about most schools in Manila, especially international schools, is that they offer numerous sports opportunities for their students. With homeschooling though, those very opportunities are very, very limited.

  • Time Restraints

Homeschooling your children can definitely take up a lot of time. Many parents nowadays are working hard to give their children a bright future—and with homeschooling, their time at home versus their time at the office can take a lot of toll on them.

  • Decrease in Income

Sure, homeschooling can help save money—but have you ever stopped to consider how much you’d be losing as well? Since, as mentioned before, most parents are working hard in their respective jobs to ensure their children’s future. If both parents are working, then there is a possibility that one of them would have to give up employment to focus on their child’s homeschooling needs.

Key Takeaway

Whether one measures the pros or cons of homeschooling, nothing really outweighs the other. At the end of the day, while students of numerous international schools in Manila (or all schools in general) report to their classrooms for a day of learning, homeschooling offers the same brand of education as well. It really is all about thinking outside of the box!


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