All of us know that there is a hype created by SEO, but do we know what exactly SEO is? No! Therefore, in layman’s terms, let us try to understand it. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization.  It is a way to improve your website, blog or any other online business so that it appears in the top 5-6 positions on all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., and in order to make sure you use SEO services to its full extent, you can use the services of a reliable SEO consultant in Melbourne that can be the one-stop shop for all your digital needs.

So, whenever you do a search on google or any other search engine for that matter, a complex play of algorithms starts to happen based on which the results are displayed to you. These algorithms take a lot of things into factor such as the web pages which are shown, which will come first, which will come second, third and so on.

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So, if you use SEO, you would be optimizing your website, and the search engine would be able to recognize your website easily. Hence this would allow your website an edge over the other non-optimized website. And this increases your chance of coming in the top 5 of the search results and better SEO usage can take your rank higher and higher.

The thing with SEO is that it, not a static process; it is a framework with many rules and processes. Therefore, for a better understanding SEO is broken into two stages:

  • On-site SEO:

This tells us which rules we should apply to help your website become more search engine friendly and remember that you should never spend too much time optimizing your website because there is such a thing called as over- optimizing and it will give the opposite of the desired results. And don’t just depend on SEO to help your website become popular. Do your own work too. Make your website more and more presentable and pay attention to your website structure.

  • Offsite SEO:

This tells us how we can promote our website or blog to make it rank better in search results. Do not always depend on the changes you do on your website, to help you get a higher ranking. There are other off-site techniques to help you improve your position. These techniques and more commonly known as link building but website promotion is a better term.

Now, that we are aware that we can use SEO to our advantage, let us make the best use of Melbourne SEO consultancy. The world out there is more competitive and ferocious than ever, and in order to compete with that, we need to use every trick in the book to put our best foot forward. So do not work too hard, just work smart, because that’s all you need to win the game.


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