How to Meet Narendra Modi Personally and Face to Face

How to Meet Narendra Modi Personally and Face to Face

Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime Minister of India. He was the former Chief Minister of Gujarat and ruled the state from 2001 to 2014. He is also one of the most controversial politicians in India right now. He is the member of parliament from Varanasi Lok Sabha Constituency, which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

In this article, we have provided information on how to meet Narendra Modi personally, face to face, and appointment procedure. So, let’s read!

4 Best Ways to Meet Narendra Modi Personally

  1. Contact Your Member of Parliament

It is one of the easiest ways to meet Narendra Modi, the 15th Prime Minister of India. Most of the members of parliament meet the Prime Minister for various works related to their constituency. However, you should have personal contacts with the member of parliament. If not, then contact your member of legislative assembly aka MLA to request him to introduce yourself to the member of parliament. It’s up to you how to contact your local MLA.

  1. Political Rally

It is one of the easy ways to meet Narendra Modi. Just contact your local district President of BJP and request him/her to help you in fulfilling your dream. However, it is one of the most important things how you contact your district president of BJP party. Try to explain your reason to him/her and if this thing does not work, then don’t worry, read ahead.

  1. Request An Appointment

Prime Minister Modi meets many unknown people in several ways, one of them is requesting an appointment through the official website. However, it is one of the least popular ways to contact Prime Minister Modi as he receives thousands of emails daily on regular basis. Still, it is a good thing at least try to reach him for your dream.

  1. Write A Letter

It is also one of the popular ways to reach the Prime Minister. However, sometimes, the prime minister receives thousands of letters each day on regular basis. Still, you should try at least once by writing a letter at the following address.

Hon. Shri Narendra Modi
The Prime Minister of India
Prime Minister’s Office
152, South Block
Raisina Hill
New Delhi – 110 011

So, best of luck for your efforts and do not forget to share your experiences with us!

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