Four Most Common Wound Care Treatment Therapies


If you are in need of wound care treatment in Cass City Michigan then you might be interested in learning about modern wound care therapies. In this article, you will learn about the following four wound care therapies after surgery:

  • Negative Pressure therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Compression therapy
  • Electrical stimulation therapy


With information collected after studies and surveys and recent developments after researches, we are able to understand how the human body heals itself and how we can stimulate it for faster healing. From simple bandages, we have now moved on to modern, safe and very effective wound care therapies.

Negative pressure wound therapy

In case you need wound care treatment Cass City Michigan for diabetic ulcers or other acute and chronic wounds, go for this wound care physical therapy in Cass City. The therapist will apply a vacuum device to the wound for creating a negative pressure environment in the wound. Airtight and watertight foam dressings and gauze are used to seal the vacuum inside the wound. The vacuum will remove exudates, fluids and all other infectious materials from the wound.

Possible risk

If you have bleeding issues, this therapy might cause hemorrhaging.

Oxygen Wound Therapy

If you need wound care treatment in Cass City Michigan to heal necrotizing wounds, diabetic wounds, and non-healing wounds. Originally, this therapy was developed for deep sea divers suffering from decompression sickness. This therapy is now used to treat some medical conditions. The body of the patient is exposed to a  high pressure 100% oxygen environment. The body needs an adequate supply of oxygen to heal. So, this therapy can speed up the healing. Some facilities offering wound care treatment in Cass City Michigan place more than one patient in the chamber. Some facilities place only one patient in the plastic chamber filled with oxygen.

Compression Wound Therapy

The therapist will use compression stockings to treat diabetic foot ulcers or venous ulcers. These stockings are used to apply gentle pressure to calf muscles and ankles. This straightens vein walls and improves circulation. Venous ulcers occur on the leg when veins start functioning abnormally. This therapy makes these veins function properly. This therapy is ideal for diabetes patients susceptible to peripheral edema. Legs start swelling due to fluid accumulation in the legs. This therapy improves circulation and reduces swelling. There are compression products of different lengths and with different levels of compression. So, see a doctor to determine appropriate pressure.

Electrical Stimulation Wound Therapy

This therapy is ideal for accelerating the healing of chronic wounds. Apart from that, this therapy is also known for improving blood circulation and reducing infection.

Injured epithelial layers of our skin are injured and disrupt naturally-occurring electrical current of the body. Electrical stimulation in this therapy imitates naturally-occurring electrical current and promotes healing.


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