Pf Balance Check using UMANG EPFO mobile App

check epf claim status online

EPF means Employees Provident Funds. Government employee gets the PF after deduction of salary by cutting the EPF and other allowances. When an employee retires, he/she gets his/her PF which can be withdrawn into a bank account.

Here, are the ways to Check EPF Claim Status.

  1. Check member claim status – using UAN number and without UAN number

Using UAN number

  • Log in to the UAN member Portal or open EPFO Mobile App using your UAN and password.
  • After logging, click on the online services tab and a drop down will appear.
  • After that, click on the third option ‘Track claim status’
  • You will get the status of your online withdrawal or transfer claim.

Without UAN number

  • First of all, visit a page ‘know your claim status’.
  • Select your state in which your PF account is there.
  • Select your city
  • Two boxes will be pre-filled, you have to fill the rest of the boxes.
  • When you click, you will see the updated claim status.
  • PF claim form
  • You have to UAN member Portal with UAN and your password.
  • Click on the ‘online services’ and then select claim form-31, 19 & 10 C.
  • You will get the member details after that enter the 4 digits of your bank account and verify.
  • To sign the certificate of undertaking click on yes.
  • PF transfer status check
  1. From the EPFO website
  2. Click on the know your claim status.
  3. Then, select state.
  4. After selecting a state, select your regional office.
  5. Select the regional office, the mandatory region code, and office code.
  6. In the third office, enter the established code I.e. maximum 7 digits.
  7. Enter the same code in the fourth box. It can be a digit or letter. You can leave this field blank if you don’t have an extension or sub-code.
  8. In the fifth box fill your account with maximum 7 digits.
  9. At last, click on submit to get the status.
  10. From EPFO’s unified portal for members

You have to log in the UAN portal with UAN number and password. Click on Track claim status in online services which is at the top of the panel. This can be used to view the transfer claim.

4. How long does it take for online PF claim?

Period of claim settlement of PF withdrawal has been reduced to 10 days, earlier it was 20 days. This is done because online facilities have been launched for withdrawal.  The department is also thinking to settle a claim within 3 hours after the request, The EPF account should be linked with Aadhar and bank account details.

It takes 10 days to settle the claim and 15 days in grievance redressal management case.
5. EPF Claim status Payment Under Process

It means EPFO has successfully received your submitted claim and payment will be received shortly.

Nowadays EPFO is trying to make settlements through NEFT. Your amount will be credited to your bank account within 2-3 days. NEFT takes 1 to 24 hours but NEFT takes 2-3 days in EPFO case.

6. What does claim settle means in EPF?

A settlement does not mean that the amount has been credited in your account. PF officer has approved and dispatched your claim. You will get your amount in the next step.


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