How You Can Lock a File Or Folder in Windows 10

Lock folder in Windows 10

Mostly all the smartphones come with fingerprint scanners and app lockers. But still, in computers and laptops, this thing is missing. If you want to lock folder in Windows 10, how you will secure them? There are so many reasons you want to secure your folder or file, and it’s a good idea.

Look the tools through which you can lock the file or Lock folder in Windows 10:-


  1. MASTER FILE LOCKER:- Master File Locker is accessible on the Microsoft Store. This tool will create a folder for you by the same name where you can save all the data which you want to guard. The files can be of any format. When all your files are placed in a folder, you can set a password, and the files are protected. Choose the password carefully because if you forgot or lose the password, there is no way to recover the password.

lock the file or folder in Windows 10


  1. IOBIT PROTECTED FOLDER:– IObit protected folders is one of the best-protected folders tools. You have to drag and drop the files which you want to protect. This tool protects the files and folders but also remove threats like ransomware. You have to buy the paid version, but there is also a trial version.

lock the folder in Windows 10


  1. PROTECT FOLDER:- Protect a folder is the best locking app that comes with an auto-lock function. You can set the idle time, and your folder will lock automatically. The auto-lock function is the best feature; if sometimes you open the folder and you forgot to lock the folder, it will automatically lock the folder.



  1. FOLDER LOCK:- Folder lock is also used to lock the files. You can create a master password to lock the files. Then select the files and hides that files. With password protection, you can also encrypt the files so that o one can hack the folder without your permission.


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