Best SwiftKey Alternatives for Android and iOS


For both Android and iOS, SwiftKey has been one of the most popular third-party keyboards. This keyboard gives you many features like swipe typing, AI-powered predictions, cloud storage, autocorrect, bilingual typing, emojis, customization, and much more. There are also so many options for third-party keyboards if you want to try new ones rather than Swift Key. There are the best Swiftkey alternatives for Android and iOS.

Here are the top Swiftkey alternatives for both Android and iOS:-

  1. Gboard- Gboard keyboard is for both Android and iOS, and it is from Google. This keyboard gives you all the features which you expect from a keyboard like GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing, and much more.


Gboard also provides you an option of search results so you can easily search the results in one step. Like Swift key keyboard Gboard also gives you suggestions of which you are typed before, or you can even predict the sentence. You can also search for GIF and emoji, which you want that sounds so cool. This keyboard also supports over 300 languages.


  1. Fleksy:– Fleksy is one of the most popular keyboards for Android users. This keyboard gives you features like swipe and gesture controls, web search, GIF and meme support, themes, extensions, and much more.


In the Fleksy keyboard, one characteristic is very cool, i.e., “Auto Word learning.” This keyboard is also very famous for “Extensions.”

  1. TouchPal Keyboard:- TouchPal keyboard is the best alternative of Swift Keyboard. This keyboard gives you many features like powerful error correction, contextual predictions, and gesture or swipe typing dubbed TouchPal Curve, and much more.


The TouchPal keyboard also gives “mixed language input” or bilingual typing. With this keyboard, you can also generate GIF emoticons with your photos, and much more.

  1. FancyKey Keyboard:- If you want to customize your keyboard entirely, then this is the best alternative of Swift Keyboard. FancyKey Keyboard gives so many themes that you can get from the theme store. This keyboard provides you characteristics like swipe/gesture typing, emoji & emoticon keyboard, and much more. It supports bilingual typing and only 30+ languages. With the different themes, you can customize your keyboard with key shape, color, background, shadow, sound, typing effect, font, etc.


  1. Grammarly:-Sometimes, we need the messages, emails, and documents error-free, then this keyboard is the best option you can use. Grammarly also gives you emojis, but it doesn’t provide you gesture, slide typing like in Swift keyboard. But this keyboard is used to improve your skills and assist you to understand your mistakes.


  1. Go Keyboard:- Go Keyboard is very easy to use. This keyboard is a straightforward design that you can easy to manage. This keyboard gives you 1000 different themes, emojis, GIFsfonts, and much more.


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