Important Considerations for Wearable App Development

Wearable app development

Wearable devices are the trendiest thing nowadays. As per the prominent source, it is claimed that, “The wearable market exceeded $2 billion in 2016, will hit almost 3 billion this year and over 4 billion in 2018”. It will be good for you to plan a wearable application because there are high chances your customers would be using any of the wearable devices. If they do not receive any notification from your app on their wearable devices, they may leave the app. And you will suffer an unwanted loss. It is the right time to gear yourself up for wearable technology.

Wearable App Design Consideration

In this post, we would like to discuss some basics points that you should keep in mind while planning for building a wearable app. Let’s have a look at these:

Design – It is one of the most obvious things which cannot be neglected because wearables have the smallest display and the applications must be designed to serve better user experience. Detailed content should be avoided or can be reduced in a smarter way.

Functionality – The functionality of wearable apps is limited and some functionality is implemented in other devices that are used to set communication with wearable gadgets. The hardware is not much powerful in wearable devices as the phone and tablets have. The apps in wearables must be the lighter versions of the regular mobile apps.

app compatibility & coomunication

Usability – User interactions will not be the same as the phone or tablet apps have. The apps must have few action buttons and have light user interface elements. This doesn’t mean that you should always restrict your developer’s skills for user experience; you just have to focus on providing right things in the right size. Just put in mind for whom we are designing and what we are designing. Put everything simple instead of trendy in design and stick to core features.

Connectivity – Connectivity is a vital aspect of wearable devices, you should pay more deliberation on it. Various communication protocols such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, and WiFi are used in wearable gadgets. Apps must be designed to optimize the lowest possible power for short-range communication.

Platform Portability – It is too good if your app is a cross-platform app. The developers do not require to code specifically for different platforms like Android or iOS. Also, your app will not be untouched by any platform and you will have a larger user base.

Wrapping Up

Although we are talking about limit every time so that complex gestures cannot occupy such a small display completely but that doesn’t mean that you should work less on features. The apps must be proficient in serving core functionalities.

The developers should work out on the latest trends and study demography along with defining the purpose of the app before designing it. If you are a beginner and want to be a pro in developing apps for wearable devices, you can team up with a wearable app development service.  Try to put your ideas in front of the world and see the things closely to get into the development.


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