Know How to Use a Mirror for Interior Decoration

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Mirrors can not only be used for checking yourself in it before you head out for the day, but it can also be used to enhance the beauty of a room, be it a bathroom or a dining room. They are affordable and come in different shapes and sizes. Interior decorators make use of mirrors to bring a new look and feel to your home. This article discusses the different mirrors and how to place them in your rooms. Mirrors have been known to exist since ages and are favored by everyone.

Get Yourself Familiar with the Different Types of Mirrors


  • Concave Mirrors – Concave mirrors are also known as converging mirrors because of their shape. They are shaped like that of a spoon that is they tend to curve inward. These mirrors make objects look larger than they are in real. These mirrors are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms as they enhance everything present in the room.
  • Convex Mirrors – Convex mirrors are just the opposite of concave mirrors. Instead of curving inwards, they tend to bulge outwards. These mirrors make objects look smaller and closer than they are in reality. They can also be named as safety mirrors. Your car has a convex mirror, the reason why other cars and vehicles look closer. Since these mirrors reduce the size of the objects, making it look smaller, it allows you to have a wider look.
  • Plane Mirrors – Plane mirrors are flat mirrors that do not distort the image. It reflects the objects as and how they are in real. This is the most commonly used mirrors. You can find them almost everywhere starting from the dressing table mirror to the mirror shops have.
  • Two-Way Mirrors – These mirrors are mostly used in interrogation rooms as they make it impossible for one to see outside of the lighted room which gives him the feeling that is alone in the room, while the authorities from watching him from a dark room without letting them know the happenings of the outside world.
  • Non-Reversing Mirrors – When you place two mirrors face to face perpendicularly, you create a non-reversing mirror. Multiple mages are generated in this case.
  • Acoustic Mirrors – Even before radar was invented, acoustic mirrors served the purpose of the English military to send warnings to others about possible air attacks. These mirrors were not made for reflecting images; their main purpose was to reflect sound and not light.

Mirrors Can Be Used in a Multiple Ways to Improve the Aesthetics of a Room

Improve how your room looks just by adding a mirror to your room. If you want to take the attention away from saying a sloping ceiling or a wall where the paint has scraped off and is in need of fresh paint, you can place a mirror there. Placing a mirror, there will take the attention away from that sore spot. You can always attach more of lights to have an extensive look.

Even though you have brought in all the flashy furniture in your living room you still might think that something is missing. Add a mirror and see the glamour it adds to your living room. When you have guests over or a party, the mirror in the living room will make it seem like there are more people present than the ones you had invited.


If your room does not get enough sunlight, or you live in a region where you do not get to see many sunny days. Placing mirrors in your room will help double up the amount of light, your room does get. Just put the mirror exactly opposite to the window and see how it brightens up the room almost instantly.


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