Gardening Alternatives: Tips for Controlling Pests

Gardening Alternatives Tips for Controlling Pests

A garden is one of the most important parts of a home, as it has plants that you have to grow and take care of. These plants can range from beautiful flowers, to plants you can grow for food. Like the inside of your home, keeping it away from pests is a priority, as they can destroy plants very quickly. A common solution would be to look for a pest control service that can help you, but should there be a scenario in which they’re not present, it is up to you to protect your precious garden. Here are some important tips when it comes to controlling garden pests.

Keep the Leaves Dry

keep the leaves dry

When watering your plants, always make sure that the leaves remain dry while doing so. Pests are more attracted to wet leaves, which can result to plant damage. To prevent them from getting wet, always water the base of the plant.

Remove Dead and Diseased Plants

Dead and diseased plants bring about a number of risks to your garden, and one of them is attracting unwanted pests. Dead and diseased plants can be the opening or starting platform pests would need to invade the rest of your garden. Immediately remove all dead and diseased plants from your garden as soon as you see them.

Make Healthy Soil

One of the reasons why pests tend to invade gardens is because the plants are sitting on poorly treated soil, which can allow them to get to your plants. Soil health is very important to help your plants grow well, along with keeping unwanted pests at bay. Make sure that you apply natural compost, along with organic fertiliser, to ensure that your soil will remain healthy.

Observe proper Plant Spacing

proper plant spacing

Insects and fungi will spread their havoc faster when plants are closer to each other. With this in mind, make sure your plants are spaced well, and have enough room to grow and get themselves dry using sunlight.

Rotate your Crops

If you are growing crops, there are some insects that target specific kinds of plants. Your garden is more susceptible to pests when you tend to plant the same kind of crop in the same areas of your garden. The best solution is to mix up the food crops that you are growing in your garden by rotating them after every season. By using this method, pests would least likely spread around your garden.



One of the more popular method of natural garden pest control, mulching is a tried and tested method of preventing the loss of soil moisture, and to control weed from spreading as well. This method encourages the growth of plants and improve soil growth. This method would help you keep pests away from your garden, while having healthy plants.

Key Takeaway

The garden is an area for plants to grow, which is why keeping pests away is vital. By using these methods, you are ensured that you will be having a garden that is healthy and pest-free. If you are planning to create your own garden in the future, be sure to follow these tips.


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