How to hide your stuff on iPhone


You have some personal pictures on your phone, but when sometimes you hand over your phone to your friends, they immediately started swiping your camera roll. At this time, your privacy goes. At this type, the first question comes in our mind that how you can hide your stuff on your iPhone like relevant pictures, videos to someone, etc.


In this article, we will tell how you can hide such type of stuff those you don’t know that others to see:-


There are so many apps used to protect the data. In this, we will discuss how you can hide your stuff on the iPhone with the ORGA app.

  1. “ORGA” is a free app for iPhone users. It is a photo management application. This app reads the content, and also you can search with a text.

2. After installing the app, you have to permit us to use this app. So it can access your photo gallery.

3. For scanning the photo gallery, this app doesn’t take too much time. It is swift compared to other apps. For search, swipe up the screen, and you will view the App banner hiding. On the top center of the app, a search bar will pop up. Click on it to access the search page.

4. Now you can search your photos with keywords, and you will find different suggestions. You will find several images according to your search. Click on one of the keywords to get the results.

5. When you have done the image search, then select the images you want to hide and click on ‘save to photo vault’ option to hide them all in a password-protected safe on your phone memory. That photos will automatically be deleted from your iCloud. But if you click on that, don’t delete pictures, then it saved on iCloud and also kept in a photo vault, which makes no sense.


6. Now, if you want to unhide the photos, then you have to click on the albums and the top click on “photo vault.” Select the images which you want to unhide and tap to move to the collections. It will automatically be deleted from the photo vault and saved it in your collections.



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