Best Free Texting Apps for iOS and Android


As the world has moved to instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, there is still a requirement for standard SMS. You are using the latest smartphone, but your parents are again using the old simple phones, and they are using a simple standard SMS. Everyone needs free texting apps and instant fast delivery. There are so many free texting apps for iOS and Android. 

Here, we will tell you some best texting apps for Android and iOS:

  1. TEXT FREE:- With the text free app, you can send free SMS and MMS to anyone. If anyone doesn’t have installed the app, you can send the SMS to that person also with this app. In this app, there is also a calling option, but it’s paid, so it’s your choice if you want that option then you have to pay for that. With this app, you can also send SMS from your Computer. You can also make a group of different persons and send SMS to that group. This app is only available for US users.


2. TEXT ME:- Like text free app, Text me also allows you to send SMS and MMS to anyone for free. You can also send SMS to those users who don’t have installed this app. This app is available for the US, UK, and Canada users. You can also send SMS to more than 35 countries, including India, Bangladesh, and other Asian and European countries. This is the best app if you require to send SMS free. 


3. TEXTME UP:- TextMe Up is an excellent app for free texting. It operates very similar to Text Free and Text Me. If you are a US and Canada user, you can create a new phone number with this app. Using this phone number, you can send SMS to the people who don’t have installed the app. With this app, you can also send SMS to the Computer. You can send SMS to worldwide with this app.


4. TEXTNOW:- TextNow app is available for the US and Canada users. You can easily send SMS and MMS to other counties to anyone. If you are unable to access your smartphone, you can also send SMS through the Computer. If you are taking a premium plan, then you can also create group messaging and international calls. 

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