Glass bottle- is it really safe to use?

glass bottle

People often tell us that we should always avoid drinking water from the plastic made bottles, right? Some say you should think either about buying BPA-free plastic bottles or premium quality borosilicate glass bottle.

But, most of the times we tend to think who is going to carry heavy glass water bottle all the time while on the go or should you stop buying plastic water bottles from the shops even when you are feeling extremely thirsty or dehydrated? In such a scenario, anyone can feel more bemused.

Why plastic bottle isn’t considered good to consume water?

With the growing awareness about the ill-effects of plastic on health, many bottled-water supplying companies have progressively more making use of the BPA-free plastic water bottles. Nevertheless, there are still other types of detrimental chemicals that are strike out at the plastic made water bottles.

glass bottle

Over the period of time, when you tend to expose them to high temperature and keep water in it for a longer duration of these, these harmful chemicals have a propensity to leach out and get mixed in the water you consume. Most of you won’t be well aware of the fact that some of these chemicals leached out by plastic water bottles are considered to be endocrine disruptors and badly impact hormonal growth.

A massive quantity of water and relic fuels is used to fabricate the plastic water bottles. Later, these bottles are packed with water and shipped around the globe. Most significantly, the major matter of concern plastic is not biodegradable material which is posing a threat to our environment as well. After drinking, a certain type of harmful toxins can stay inside your body for a long duration time too.

Why do experts recommend using a glass bottle for drinking water?

It goes without saying that glass made bottles don’t leach out any sort of bad flavours or odour into the water. It is considered as one of the best material to store liquids, foods, veggies, fish, and even meat. Likewise, glass is free from compounds and mass-produced with the use of naturally occurring components. When you go out to buy a glass bottle, always ensure that you verify whether it has been tested for the presence of cadmium and lead content. You need to confirm that it’s free from both these components.

Consider purchasing high-grade glass such as borosilicate. It can endure both low and high-temperature variations. Besides, it is less prone to splintering. In contrast, old school or soda lime glass is less costly and a good pick too. Nonetheless, they don’t offer temperature forbearance or the splinter resistance attribute of borosilicate glass.


Wrapping up

So, you need to make sure that you drink water from a bottle that is made from premium-grade and BPA-free plastic. Though, when it comes to developing good water drinking habit from a health point of view and stay fit always ensure that you should avoid using the latter type of bottle and consider using glass bottle instead.



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