Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Data

mobile data

We all know the practicality of mobile data and how it makes everyday life more functional it is. But do you know exactly how to manage your data consumption? Or why smartphones that have compatibility with 4G LTE – like the LG Leonare such a big deal? For these are everything you need to know about mobile data, read on to find out!

History of 4G

Have you ever wondered what the “G” in 3G or 4G means? It just stands for “generation” really. That being said, 4G means it’s the fourth generation of coverage and speed for cellular data. Before that was obviously 3G, which was the technology that created the first usable mobile internet connections. This is what revolutionized the use of smartphones in the world today. Owning one became practical because of its ability to be connected to the internet almost everywhere. In the days of 1G and 2G, the connection was too slow to be considered practical.

Back to the 4G, this is what expanded the use of the smartphone even further. It is much faster than 3G, which was already considered a practical innovation at the time. Watching high-definition videos and playing complicated games are now all possible without lag and buffering thanks to this technology. The great part about 4G is that it will immediately switch to 3G when the connection is weak. This is still very practical for calls and loading text. These are more than enough reasons for you to buy a phone with 4G, such as the LG Leon.

Birth of 4G LTE

LTE is actually a type of 4G internet. It stands for “Long Term Evolution”. It’s a fitting name because it is the fastest type of connection today. Usually, phones that have this sort of connectivity will be named with “4G LTE” at the end of the name – like the LG Leon 4G LTE. This is because not all phones are built to be able to receive such a connection. Only the users of such 4G LTE phones can enjoy this leisurely technology.

If 4G is ten times faster than 3G, then you can only imagine how fast 4G LTE is. Using a 4G LTE phone is pretty much like using a desktop computer that’s wired to the internet.

How Mobile Data is Consumed

Data isn’t consumed by the length by which it is turned on. It is measured by the usage of it including the time it is used. If it is dormant – like when your phone is on sleep – then it won’t be used up. So when you are merely sending out a tweet, the data usage is nothing compared to when you are using mobile data for navigation. It is important for you to know what cell phone tasks use the most data so you don’t go over your limit and spend too much extra data.

The biggest consumers are the following:

  1. Using navigational apps: 6MB every 10 minutes
  2. Streaming videos in high definition: 3GB every hour.
  3. Downloading an episode of a TV show: 800MB – 4GB
  4. Web Browsing: 20MB every 30 minutes.
  5. Emailing with Attachments: 18MB every 10 emails
Key takeaway

Now that you know the short history of 4G LTE and how data is used, you can now efficiently enjoy mobile data!


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