Free USB Bootable Software For Windows


A long ago, to install the operating system, there was no other option than to burn the operating system into a CD/DVD. But, now we can use USB flash drives, but to make it bootable, you would require a Bootable Software.


To install an Operating System, all you require to do is burn the ISO to a USB pen drive using any of the USB bootable software given below. When you are done, reboot your computer or PC and change the boot order to boot from USB. Then, follow the onscreen instruction, and you are right to work. 


Here are some best and free bootable software for Windows:-

  1. RUFUS:- Rufus is the best, free, open-source, and easy-to-use software when we are talking about creating bootable USB drives in Windows. It not only allows you to build bootable USB for different varieties of operating systems, but you can also use it to firmware, flash BIOS, and run low-level utilities. When it comes to making bootable Windows USB drives, this software is fast as compared to other software. 

In Rufus software, you will also get various options like the capability to modify the partition scheme, cluster size, and file system. For any bad blocks, it also checks the USB drive. For that, you have to do that is picked the checkbox then under format options “check device for bad blocks,” and you are ready to go.

Download Rufus from here

2. WINDOWS USB/DVD TOOL:- If you are a Windows user and you only want to make a bootable USB drive for Windows, then this is the official tool for you. This Windows USB/DVD tool is used to make both bootable USB and DVD drives.

For this, you have to do is enter the USB drive, choose the ISO, and tap on Next. Then, after the initial format, the Windows USB/DVD tool will make the bootable USB drive within a few minutes. This tool only lacks advanced features. In this, you cannot change the file system or partition scheme, and also you cannot perform extended labels or check for bad blocks. But, if you are looking for a simple solution, then this Windows USB/DVD tool is the best choice. 

Download Windows USB/DVD tool from here

3. ETCHER:- Etcher needs some clicks to convert your SD card or USB into a bootable drive. It supports Linux based OS, Windows, and even macOS. It also has a pro variant that is targeted towards enterprises where 100+ drives need to be flashed simultaneously. This app is open-source. It is easy to use the app. 


Download Etcher from here


These are the best three free USB bootable software for Windows.

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