7 Ways to Find the Best Third-Party iPhone Repair company


There are two kinds of iPhone buyers. One, who invests in Apple Care subscriptions upon purchase to play it safe and two, who choose to fix any iPhone related issue on the spot.

If you fall under the second category, then you’re reading the right article!

We suggest you get in touch with Fixerman for all your iPhone related services.

Fixerman – The Tech Guy is on a mission to solve all your gadget repairs in Dubai whether a phone, laptop or tablet fix. We repair gadgets at your doorstep so you’d get the service you want at your convenience and the most affordable price.


Getting your iPhone repaired has never been easier. There are three ways to go about this.

  1. We will come to you:

You could reach out to us via call, WhatsApp or any social media platform and we could come to your location, repair your iPhone and give it back to you ASAP.

  1. We will pick it up:

If your iPhone requires a long time to recover, we could pick it up from your location, fix it at our state-of-the-art iPhone repair service center and have it delivered back to you ASAP! You could also track the progress of your repair.

  1. You can come to us:

We are located in Business Bay. Drop-in and relax while our tech geeks fix your gadget in the Apple iPhone repair center Dubai.

In our opinion, there are 7 factors to consider before making a decision on which third-party service center you would like to opt to get your iPhone repair in Dubai.

  1. Reviews

Fixerman is the highest reviewed third-party service center in the UAE. We have hundreds of happy customers who have shared their experience on google.

  1. Price Sensitivity

At Fixerman we have the best prices for the best quality in the market. We do not charge for additional services like pick and drop of your devices and onsite fixing as well.

  1. Quality Parts

At Fixerman we use OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing grades parts that adhere to the standards of Apple parts. We also have ESD flooring that enhances the process of fixing your device ensuring there is no static discharge causing interference or damage to our employees and equipment.

  1. In-Studio Experience

We have a team of highly experienced technicians who will diagnose the root cause of your damage and give a solution accordingly. Sometimes the parts that you assume are damaged and need replacement, actually, just need to be cleaned up. We also have complete transparency at our studio. You can get into the tech lab and look at what our technicians do to your iPhones and get tips on how to maintain them better.

  1. On-Site Service

Fixerman’s specialty is getting your iPhone repaired at your doorstep. We will come where ever you are located in Dubai and fix your phone and give it back to you. If the seriousness of the damage is too high, we will take it to our studio and fix it and deliver it back to you.

  1. Advanced Service

Services related to back screen glass repair and water damage repair are not provided by Apple and most third-party service centers in Dubai. At Fixerman, our team of professional technicians solves complex issues with ease.

  1. Freebies, Discounts, and Warranty

We offer free screen protectors and power banks with our services. We also offer additional discounts for repairs done upon walking into our studio. We provide up to two years’ warranty on OEM – Original Equipment Manufactured replaced parts.

Get in touch with Fixerman to solve all your iPhone related issues in the quickest and most convenient way possible. We’ve got your back!


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