We all would’ve faced many tight situations in our lives. Which way to go? What should be given more preference? Questions like these would have taunted us and placed us in a dilemma. One such a situation is moving to a different house. One side we’re busy collecting transfer certificates and other papers from our office and government. On the other side, we need to pack our things and arrange the transportation services. It is impossible for anyone to manage all these stuff all by themselves. In most cases, friends and family members will lend them a helping hand. What if there are none free enough to help you? Do you realise the pinch?

Well. Don’t panic because Removal companies were created just for these kinds of situations. Let us see the services most of the removal companies offer in detail.

  1. Packaging a humongous number of goods

Some of us have a lot of stuff inside our homes, and we don’t have the heart to leave anything behind. In such situations, packing becomes really difficult. The removal companies have a bunch of employees who handle things in an organised manner. They neatly pack everything and label the sorted goods so that after transportation also, it very convenient as well to open and arrange them.

  1. Transporting goods in a safe manner

It is difficult for us to get the right kind of vehicle according to our capacity and tracking our goods through phone calls. The removal companies Cambridge, on the other hand, work systematically. They have a variety of vehicles of different sizes suited for transporting any kind of goods. Also, they provide perfect intimations for tracking the vehicle through mobile phones. The deadline will never be crossed, and we can have our stuff ready when we arrive.

  1. Handling fragile items and antique artefacts

The antique items and age-old wines are more than dear to us. All those glass articles and photo frames carry memory and we can never part from them. Transporting these kinds of fragile items needs specialised equipment and secure handling. The removal companies have specially designed vehicles which have buffers and cushions inside them. The packing will also be done accordingly to provide complete protection.

  1. Moving across continents

Moving stuff from one city to another can be easy but across continents? Tough job, right? Not at all if you have the aid of suitable removal companies. They take care of all the paper works and authorizations. They do the weight checks previously and book your goods a timely slot in cargo ships and planes. They even have agents on the other side to fetch the goods. You don’t need to rush all the way in order to be on time to collect the items.


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  1. Storage facilities for our goods


In some rare occasions, the goods need to be stored in some secure area before you can move them to your new home. In such cases, they can’t stay in the vehicle itself. Most of the removal companies which offer International services will have a tie-up with companies in that locality so that we don’t need to worry about them being stolen or damaged. They even share the location in some cases, so that we can check the condition of the storage units or houses.


  1. Handling bulky sized objects


Handling bulky sized objects is sure a headache. The old Piano in the attic, the huge grandfather clock, the enormous chandelier in the party hall, the heavy wardrobe made of teak, all these need several people to lift and move them. In some cases, the removal companies find it hard to move through doors or stairs especially when they don’t fit in the lifts. In those situations, they move them through windows using special lifting machinery and transport them safely.


  1. Shifting the pets and plants


Shifting lifeless objects maybe easy. But shifting pets and plants is not a cake walk. Some of us have a fish tank or exotic flower pots which need to be taken utmost care. The removal companies offer specialised services in these cases. They have tie-ups with nursery movers and pet movers which helps them accomplish the take much easily and efficiently.


  1. Insurance service for our valuables


All our goods may be worth thousands of dollars. There is no guarantee that everything will go the right way. It is better always to get all our items insured for their worth. The removal companies do that job for us. They estimate the worth of our belongings and suggest the right insurance package for us. In some cases, the insurance companies take all the risk and even provide compensation if the fault is on their side.


  1. Hassle free service for the nominal price


In olden days, a transfer will be planned for months altogether. They used to pack everything one by one with support from friends and families. But in today’s scenario, all are busy with their own lives that we find it hard to disturb others. That is where removal companies come to our aid. They don’t disturb us for days altogether. They plan their work systematically and have huge manpower to pack our stuff all at a nominal rate.


  1. One-time transportation


If we plan our transportation by ourselves, we need to shuffle between cities several times with our trucks before we can move everything. But removal companies just ease the jobs. They provide a one-time service to transport all our goods. They have a wide range of options like nominal delivery, fast delivery, speed delivery, bulk delivery, etc., to suit our budget and needs.


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All these services make our time-consuming packing easy and simple. Now we can think freely about our job perks and improvements without worrying about moving our packages and running after them. In that way, Removal companies Cambridge are nothing short of a perfect boon at the perfect time. Let’s celebrate our transfer.



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