How to plan an Amazing Destination Wedding in 10 days

Planning an indian wedding

Wedding in India is a grand and majestic affair irrespective of the strata we come from.We have all grown up mostly thinking and dreaming of a glorious wedding and an ultimate event to follow. Planning this event in 10 days? Seems like a task however if planned and executed well it is simpler than we can imagine.When we finally decide to have a wedding function the most prominent forethoughts required are:

  1. Budget
  2. Guest list
  3. Style of wedding

Budget is the prime element in the implementation of the groundwork and the guest list.Style of the marriage is then accordingly decided.

For a smooth and timely completion of the wedding ceremony, we would propose to involve the family members in the planning and execution and allot duties to each member and coordinate with them from time to time. Not to forget that all the payments are to be made in time to avoid any delay as we have little time in hand.

Let us review and discuss the planning and implementation of this:

Table of Contents


First and foremost we have to book the venue for the wedding as per our budget. This is the most important work and has to be done on priority as these bookings are not entertained on dates which are very close to the event.Jot down the places shortlisted and get in touch with the management for the date and finer details as decorations and food etc.


Food is the next vital ingredient for booking and takes more time, as the menu decisions are not quick to make.
Snacks, main course, sweet dishes and drinks can be selected from the caterer’s menu and tasted simultaneous to finalize.

Save the date followed by the invite

This core function of the planning has to be done soon after the venue, and the caterer is finalized.There are a lot of companies who formulate these invites and are not too expensive too.

The formats are also available on the internet and if you have help at hand “Save the date message” can be created and sent to the list of invitees on our own. There are loads of printers who specialize in the card printing in a day or two and the final card, or invite can be ready and despatched accordingly.

You can also assign the duty of individual calling of each guest on the phone to a family member to ease the load off.

Point number one, two, and three should be implemented in the first three days of the schedule.

Wedding clothes

Clothing is a dominant part of the marriage arrangement.

Starting from the bride and grooms clothes (all functions each set) to the family members clothes for the occasion, all of this can be customised or ready picked/bought from the designers or wedding markets within the first week of the preparations leaving time for alterations, etc. which can also be arranged if you have onboarded a good destination wedding planner for your main event!


In India, wedding gifts are an integral part of the ceremony, and the purchase of the same can be planned by putting down the names of the members who receive the gifts and their budget and then searching for the right product. There are many companies online which cater to this on specific budgets in a short span of time. Get in touch and share your needs.


Planning a photographer is simple, and can be done by calling the local photo studio or going online. Same is the case with the choreographer …once the deal is settled, they can start their work of training the family for the event.

Shop and pack for honeymoon

Most of the time honeymoon is arranged soon after the wedding, and hence things have to be assembled and packed for this vacation in advance. As per the destination, clothes essentials, shoes, and formals are to be packed first. If the trip is overseas, the passport visa travel docs etc should be the next requirement to fulfil.

Florist/Make-Up Artist/DJ

Indian wedding is incomplete without flowers and the floral decorations. Schedule a florist and negotiate the best price for the budget requirement. This can be done very quickly considering ample local agencies are doing this work every day.

Getting ready for the marriage is also a vital part of the event and can be arranged with the local parlour or your personal service provider much in advance. Musicians /DJ can also be hired online at a competitive price, and this is done inclusive of the equipment.

Point number four, five, six, seven and eight can be executed in the next four days of the plan.

The last three days should be left for reconfirmations and re-authentication whereby the fine-tuning of the final event planning can be done, and actual work can happen smoothly.

All the above if done meticulously can make the whole experience a memorable one.Happy marriage.


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