Choose the best Reading Glasses


Common sense and healthy eye condition dictate to consult an ophthalmologist when having issues in the eyes while reading. In general, also it is advisable to at least go for a routine checkup every two years. The requisite for a new pair of best reading glasses may be nothing more than the usual aging progression. But it might also signal problems with the eyes that can be cured if caught in time.

As with growing age the flexibility of the eye lenses declines which makes closer vision difficult. This condition is termed as presbyopia. However, this condition can be easily corrected by using the best reading glasses for you.


Tips to Select the Best Reading Glasses

  • Pick only the power that lets you to read at a comfortable distance. Higher power is not essentially better
  • Examine the glasses for waves, bubbles or other distortions that could hamper your eyes
  • For selecting the best reading glasses don’t use over-the-counter glasses for working on the laptop or computer. It is mainly you sit further from the computer compared to when you are reading a book or magazine
  • Reading glasses are also needed for some quick jobs such as like reading a labels at the grocery store
  • Using  best reading glasses can help curing eye strains, nausea, and headache

People often ignore the early signs of eye problems. In the initial stages of macular degeneration, the midpoint of the retina deteriorates then it becomes difficult to read effortlessly it is then the best reading glass with proper prescription helps.

The second most eye problem is glaucoma can initiate in middle age, too. It is an ailment of the optic nerve. The major challenge of glaucoma is it never shows any early symptoms of eyesight problem. The spread of glaucoma can only be arrested if not reversed, the progression of the ailment, it is imperative to have a checkup as early as possible.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology acclaims that people above 40 years with no eyesight problem must go for examination in every two to four years. For people above 65 years of age and older, it is advisable to go for regular eye checkups in every one to two years.

People often go for ready-made reading glasses but necessarily they cannot be the nest reading glass for you. One disadvantage for going for ready-made reading glasses is that they are fundamentally “one-size-fits-all” things. The prescription is usually same for both the eye and most people doesn’t have same number at both the eyes. Almost everybody has a minor level s of astigmatism correction in their prescriptions.

Hence it is suggested to always go for custom fit best reading glasses which enable better fit and proper lens number for example:

  1. Anti-reflective covering on custom best reading glasses removes eye strain triggered by distracting lens reflections
  2. Custom – made photochromic lenses used as reading glasses helps to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and also protects the eyes from high-energy visible blue light from digital devices such as cell phones, laptops, and computers.
  3. It is always advisable for people who are using digital devices often and sits for long hours working with computers should go for glasses. Even it is not a reading glass they should avail photochromic glasses in order to protect their eyes.

Don’t be anxious for a change. Even finding the best reading glasses can be an amusing and a personalized experience that is exclusive to the wearer.  Flex Specs offers the best reading glass and eye frames that are custom-made, stylish, and comfortable with perfect alignment. You also get to choose between ranges of branded lenses for your eyeglasses that are light in weight, scratch-resistant, and shatterproof.


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