Get a Drain off drip tray and get rid of the scary pot puddles

Drain off drip tray

Tired off cleaning the puddle created by the leaking pot off the plant, every day? It’s time to think smart. What would you do to stop the puddle from being created? Get a pot without a hole; That would destroy the roots, stop watering the plants; The plants would simply die, get rid of the plants; Well, that would be just plain sad. The better option here is to create a proper drainage system so that the water from the pots, is drained off at a proper area, which would prevent the puddle from being created.

Drain off drip tray is made specifically for this purpose. You can just place it under the pot, and leave the rest to the drip tray. In fact, a better thing to do here is to direct the drainage pipe from the drain off drip tray towards the garden, where the plants can get the extra water too. 


What are Drain off drip trays

These are intelligently constructed, saucer-shaped, made from high-quality plastic products, that are designed to direct the excess water from the plant pots to a specific area.

A pipe can be attached to one end of the saucer from where the water from the pots can be drained away easily.

This product comes in all sizes and in many colors too. if you check online, then you will be able to find many companies, that deal with specifically drain off drip trays. These are a very useful product that is designed in such a way that it can fit at the bottom of any pot as well as take the load.

Drain off drip tray


Benefits of Using Drain off Drip Trays


  1. The first advantage of using this saucer is to prevent puddles and muddy water, messing up your entire place. It makes it so much easier for the user to water the plants with ease without having to worry about the leakage.
  1. Secondly, due to the fact that it is made of plastic, many companies use recycled plastic to manufacture their products. This helps in preserving the environment better. 
  1. The third benefit is that it can be used to water your garden or storage of the leaking water for other purposes. This way, you save wastage of water too. 
  1. The last and the very important advantage of using a drain off drip tray is to prevent stains on the surface of the floor where the plants are placed. Water seems to be a very soft liquid but it also creates stains on the floor at a time, due to the leakage that involves mud, fertilizers, etc. Using these drip trays can prevent this from happening.


Where else can I use Drain off drip trays?

These drip trays can be used underneath anything that creates a leak.

For example, in case of a laundry room, people create floor drains so that the floor does to become slippery by the water that is accumulated there. Similarly, drip trays can be used in case of storing things that require dry storage such as tools, washed dishes, etc.

In fact, floor drains in balconies of buildings, is also an example of a drain off drip tray, just that it is way larger in size.

The point here is, these products are universal because their applications are numerous. If you want your floor to remain dry, spic and span, shiny, as well as want to have a small garden or even place some plants in the balcony or terrace of your house, make sure you get hold of a good-quality drain off drip tray.

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