Why the 12MP Camera is Better than the 16MP Camera

12mp camera better 16 mp

If you always read the specs of the latest phones, then you’ll know that the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera is only 12MP Camera. The previous model, the S6, has 16! What an outrage, right? Wrong. Even though the number is lower, this is actually an upgrade!

Here’s why 12MP Camera is Better than the 16MP Camera

Megapixels Aren’t Everything

Despite what you’ve known by experience the past few years, more megapixels don’t really mean the pictures will be better. In fact, the best DSLR cameras in the market are just 12-18MP. This doesn’t mean that a phone with a 21MP camera is better than these.

A Big Pixel Can Get More Light

When you have a camera with a lower amount of megapixels, this means that the individual pixels are bigger on a 12MP camera than a 16MP camera. The bigger pixels can take in more light compared to smaller pixels. So, with a 12MP camera, you can get take more photos in the dark without getting much grain or noise on your photos.

To be more specific, the Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera has a pixel size of 1.4μ. This is 56% larger than the one on an S6; 1.12μ.

Dual Pixel

Also, the new camera on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is their first phone to use the dual pixel technology. This is a feature usually found in DSLR’s that allow the camera to focus in an instant! Think of it like the new camera having two eyes; like a human.

F/1.7 Aperture

In addition to the points above, the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera also has a newer and bigger lens: An F/1.7 aperture lens. The previous model only had F/1.9. Without going to technical, the bigger the aperture lens is, allows even more light to enter. This combined with the bigger pixels on the 12MP camera means that this phone can capture crisp visuals even in a dark room.

Is it Closer to the Quality of a DSLR?

Closer, yes, but still quite far. On a DSLR, the usual pixel size is 4-8μ. If the Samsung S7 had this type of camera, then the lens will also have to be huge; just like in a DSLR. You can’t fit this in your pocket, so you won’t be able to keep it in your pocket. That doesn’t really make a good phone.

There is a way for them to have this pixel size but still keep the camera small. What they would have to do, though, is to reduce the resolution even more; even below 12MP. But if they did this, then the Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera would no longer be able to take 4k resolution videos. That sucks. So really, the best decision for Samsung and their future phones is to have a 12MP camera. This will give their users the best photo and video quality.

12mp camera vs 16mp camera key takeaway


So, when it comes to phone cameras, bigger isn’t always better; at least when it comes to megapixels. What you should look at instead, when looking at specs, is the pixel size. Also, look at the aperture lens size; the lower the number, the bigger the lens. With this combination along with dual pixel technology, you will get crisp photos even when you’re taking them in a dark room.


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