All You need to Know about IPhone 8

iphone 8

It has been exactly a decade since the entrance of iPhone into the market. Rather than the conservative models available during that period, Apple introduced classy and multitouch options to their devices. Today, Apple is celebrating with the most significant change in the form of appearance and functionality since its introduction.

iPhone 8 caters to the people who are happy with the small screen size and large bezels. Apple made it affordable to ensure that number of consumers look towards it and opt for it in the increasing competition in the market. The device is excellent in some areas, but the lack of change in the design is hard to overlook.

The price

The cost of iPhone 8 begins from $699 for 64 GB inbuilt memory and $849 for 256 GB inbuilt memory. When compared with the recently released iPhone X, the prices are low, but it is higher when compared with the starting prices of iPhone 7.

Release date

The phone is already available in the market, and several carriers are offering the same on different plans. An individual can choose the best option that suits according to the requirement. It is also possible for an individual to visit the Apple Store and purchase. As different stores and online websites offer attractive prices; it is preferable to browse the Internet to check for the available iPhone 8 deals.


There is no difference between the outgoing iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. However, Apple ditched the aluminum rear and went ahead with the glass panel making one feel similar to that of the front. Addition of it increased the weight of the phone by a notable margin. The aluminum rim seating between the Corning Glass is home to the lock switch, volume rocker, and antennas. The phone has IP 67 rating, which is becoming a standard for many of the upcoming flagship models.


Standing at a 4.7-inch display, the 720p resolution on iPhone 8 does not add too much of excitement. However, the addition of True Tone is the only advantage in the model. It is an intelligent feature, which is capable of altering the white display balance according to the environment. It is even supporting Dolby Vision and other HDR formats.


Packed with the powerful processor, the A11 Bionic chip, Apple made an impact on everything that runs inside the system. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the upcoming iPhone X run on the same chip. The only difference one would be finding is the variation in the RAM offering. Another improvement is the enhanced front-facing stereo speakers. Also, it has improved garage band and logic pro X, the music apps in this software after a long time of doing nothing with these apps. That’s a boon for the music lovers.


Apple made sure that every device from 5S is running on the newly released iOS 11. There is a big push to the overall layout in comparison to the previous versions. The control center received a new design, the native applications received an overhaul, and of course, the device does support AR. Apple made good changes to Siri too!


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