Predictions for the BPO Industry for 2018


Call center service in the Philippines is one of biggest the reasons why the country’s economy is moving and things only seem to be growing for the BPO industry. Here are a few early predictions for it in the coming year:

Even Further Growth

Especially because of Trump’s belief in “Buy American, Hire American” many believed that call center services in the Philippines would lose their American accounts. This was a scary thought at the time because American accounts are a big market in the BPO industry.

However, that hasn’t been the case in the past few months. In fact, the Philippines’ BPO industry and call center services in the Philippines has even been experiencing a 6.5% – 7.5% growth this year, which is seen to continue until the end of 2017. It seems that outsourced services are still high in demand, despite President Trump’s influence; just goes to show the BPO industry is essential and won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Expansions into Uncharted Territory

While call center services in the Philippines are known for their amazing voice services, non-voice customer care is also now being offered by the same people today. Especially with the world of text, emails, and automation today, such services were adapted to be able to cater to any and all contact preferences.

Speaking of contact preferences, many callers would like to talk to an expert regarding their concerns. Luckily, there is a rising trend where BPO companies hire offshore graphic designers, accountants, lawyers, nurses, etc. for account specific to their fields. This brings the call center service to a whole new level of trustworthiness.

Also, while Manila is still one of the top 5 super cites for outsourcing, more and more cities in the Philippines are being developed to become BPO hubs. This will only allow more jobs and opportunities for both BPO companies and the Filipino people for 2018.

Artificial Intelligience

Automation, or artificial intelligence, has been used more and more for the BPO industry. Its integration will help companies to function better by being able to perform minor tasks without elevating human stress. This means that BPO professionals can refocus their attention to the bigger tasks. However, this is still being experimented on since the quality of call center services all rely on the “human factor” of the said service.

For 2018, it is predicted that the BPO industry will find the perfect balance of human and robotic resources to give the world the services it needs.


Despite a few scares, the BPO industry is only seen to grow and grow over the coming years! With the addition of expert services regarding special accounts and the use of automation, the service is improving every day, which makes the Philippines an even more attractive outsource destination as it already is. The country definitely is and will be a mainstay in the world of outsourcing and any company will benefit from hiring a Philippine call center service.


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