Will Learning Tableau Really Benefit Me?


Tableau is a fast growing data visualization tool used rampantly in the modern Business Intelligence and data analytics industry. Every year thousands of Tableau engineers are hired in various departments. Paid handsomely with a secured job profile, Tableau software engineers are easily the most sought after talent today.

Knowing that there are hundreds of immediate job openings for Tableau experts, most professionals find themselves lost in the competitive marketplace. So, what should you do to master Tableau course?

Here is a quick five step Tableau Training article on how you can benefit from this course.

Tableau Data Sources for Everyone!

Tableau is a truly universal platform to learn and execute data visualization projects. If you are working in an enterprise, you can access Tableau dashboards to create interactive data stories, reports and analytics.

Based on your connectivity to data sources, Tableau Training can be classified into two families. These are:

  • Tableau Desktop Personal
  • Tableau Desktop Professional

Tableau Online

Tableau Personal is further divided into Tableau Public and Tableau Online.

If you are planning to launch your career into professional data analytics, you can opt for Tableau Online suite. This handles access to servers in addition to providing heightened security and governance.

Mobile Data Analytics

In the modern age when everything happens at a flick of your fingertip on mobile screen, Tableau is a handy software platform. With excellent user-friendly mobile support, Data Analysts can create immersive visualization with the help of first party and third party data sources.

Mobile support offers three major advantages over other data visualization platforms.

  • Reports and product development analysis can be accessed seamlessly at a real time basis.
  • PDLC development time is reduced by 45-55% as users can directly see BI reports on their mobile screens.
  • It is easy to upgrade and update without requiring too much of IT cost and support.

Tableau Data Connections

The biggest advantage of learning Tableau is its wide array of data source connectivity. Tableau can connect to numerous data sources such as Text files, PDF, images, etc. It can also connect to ODBC Connector and web data connectors

Using Tableau Server, users can also store and extract external data sources with stable database connections. In Tableau Training, you will learn how to connect Tableau Server with Tableau Desktop to import data sets into Tableau dashboard.

Amplify Performance with Python and R

If you are familiar with Python and R, Tableau learning becomes easy. To amplify Tableau performance in advanced computation, Python and R scripts are beneficial. Power BI with Python is a very important chapter in creating custom visual reports.

If you are willing to work in the limited boundaries of data processing and screen resolution, learning Tableau will help you accumulate valuable expertise in data visualization and BI.


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