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The users of smartphone need a lot of apps for different tasks. The play store is a treasure where one can find an app for everything.  However, here one needs to note that this is not completely true in case of a video fetching app like the majority of the apps on play store, but many of them are not of the desired use for the users. The users download them and install on the device, but the moment it is driven to pull the video, it shows only an error which disappoints the users. To overcome this situation and get the right app, one needs to think options other than the play store.

One can find the site 9apps where there is an app for the video fetching, which is known as vidmate. It is an app that one cannot find on the play store, but it is easy to download from its site and use for fetching the video from any platform. The user needs to go for the site and click on the provided link for the app download. It will direct one to the app and starts the downloading of the same.

Download the app:

With a single click on the link, the user can get the app on the device instantly. The app can be downloaded in a few seconds, but one needs to see that the device has ample space that the app needs to function rightly. Though this app does not need much space as it is much compact. The app can be immediately installed, and for that, one needs to do nothing as it can be done by the app only. However, while being installed the screen of the device may show a message that the app is unauthorized and hence device may be damaged, but this message is there as it is not verified by the play store else there is no risk to the device at all.

Use of the app:

Getting the app installed is not a big deal as it is completely automatic only. The installation also helps the app function well and let the users enjoy the app at its best. The installation needs to have a little space on the memory of the phone as the app needs it to have an accurate function. The app is much known for its efficiency as it can pull the video from any platform, but the only condition is that the user needs to provide the right link. Once the app is given the command to pull the video, it gets the same in a few minutes, but it depends on the speed of the internet also.

The video is stored in the folder created by the app while downloading the same. Hence getting the video on the device and sharing the same on different sites or chat messengers have been made easier by this app. The dashboard of the app and system is much simple that creates no confusion in the mind of the users and uses it to the best.


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