Want To Popular mobile app? Try These Steps


Today in this tech race companies are very particular about their Apps in the market.   With such motive, the brains of experienced mobile app developers are picked up. Many industry leaders put their best to keep users hooked on their app. With a high download rate for any app may seem great. But to it is not necessary that the app goes further than that.

There are many reasons that users aren’t actively using and engaging with the downloaded app. Therefore the customer retention rate may fall and won’t get the results the company is looking for. So to engage the user with App organization can follow many approaches that are likely discussed here. Here the question arises: how to make your mobile app popular? Or how to make an app interesting?

Keys Factors

User-Friendly App

Things are simple to make users feel good about your App they are using it be should simple.  It is seen that an app that’s easy to use increases user retention. The overall user experience keeps hold on the user and doesn’t drain them to your competitors. 

How apps get first users:

  • Makes the users aware of the core benefits of using the app.
  • Makes the signup experience as simple as possible.
  • Eliminates any confusion that may cause them to abandon the app.
  • Makes user registration is flexible to the users’ needs.
  • Overwhelm the user with too much information.
  • Make your signup a prolonged and drawn out experience.

Fast as Possible

With every second data processing gets faster and app users’ expectation are also high. Users wait for updated performance and with in limited time. So in order   to match the expectation of your app user the app should load fast from an efficient backend. Thereby users shouldn’t have to wait as they open features or change pages.

Avoid Data Entry Task

For user convenience the signup process should be simple and correct. The process must be easy for the customer needs to give the app manually filled in data. Users always look for better and workable interface. If developer provides an interface that asks tons of questions that make the process more difficult, then for sure users will simply click away. The UI interface provides better user experience with hold the user for a long duration.

Update App Regularly

In a fast-paced and digitally overwhelmed world, users have no time. They look for another app in case there app is not working with current pace. If your app adds true value to their day then for sure they’ll come back to it again and again.

App should be more relevant to your target audience no matter how slick and useful your app is. With time it’ll begin to feel stale and users crave new features and different content.

So the best way is to keep surprising your users with new updates. Let’s take an example, after allowing app personalization it can help a lot in many ways. Moreover, the presence of new and more relevant content refines the user experience. It’s better to keep your customers excited and satisfied. And

Implement Feedback

At the time of release No app is perfect so there is a need to listen to the feedback you receive from your customers. This encourages the channel of communication between the user and developer.

Be proactive; try to ensure that your users can see you working on the issues. Soliciting feedback user identified will raise the rating.

Sales as a Service CRM and the mobile app development team at Quytech  can help you here.  We are here to suggest that even a smaller business can now afford such systems to help them stay on top of customer needs.

Rewarding User

There is a need to incentivize your users with the app engagement. The basic principle that everyone loves getting rewards rules everywhere. For encouragement to use your app, you must do it in a way that looks natural and interesting to the user.

Apart from that you need to know what’ll work best for your user base. App should implement a reward-point system, promos or coupons or anything else that suits the users as well as the company. Some may consider special prizes that are accessible to privileged users.

Use Push Notifications Prudently

It’s worth giving consideration to push notifications as they generally lead to higher user engagement. It is seen that relevant and tailored push messages have been shown to increase conversion.

Important thing is that the push notifications must be relevant to the user. And it must add value to the users. It should suit each user and must be customizable to the users’ need.

Thing to remember is an overdoing push notification can turn users away. So, use it for a good balance.

 User History Benefit

We suggest using data analytics smartly to divide your users into segments. Aligning user experiences with what’s relevant to them and meanwhile drawing those features to the fore through tailored push notifications.

To deliver the information you think will benefit user should be split by those same interests.

Using customer feedback can also helps to improve the app experience for your consumers. You can also enhance the experience by adding social media integration to the app. With this help customers can feel even more engaged and the experience can be even more personal.

Feel free to reach out to a skilled app development team at Quytech, which has years of experience with successful app design. We are here to help you to design an app that will help you to achieve your goals as well as keep your customers engaged and fulfilled.

Author Bio: Colleen Jansen is a digital marketing expert in Quy Technologies, a Top Mobile app development company in India which provides enterprise mobility solutions, iPhone app and Android app development services across the global


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