Top Scratching Remedies for Cats to Prevent them from Furniture


scratching remediesScratching is undoubtedly a pretty natural behavior of the cats, and your furniture is probably a pretty tempting target for using their fabric-shredding claws. You can Save your beloved furniture by using some of these tricks.

Cats that are all around the world tend to scratch things, particularly some objects and textures. That is because your cat it is an instinctual exercise. It is not about ‘misbehaving,’ but its a way in which they stretch their muscles in the back and legs and also sharpening their claws. You should know that this behavior is perfectly natural, just it’s not a great deal when your cats decide to take on their instincts out on your favorite furniture.

Domesticated cats have been known to have pretty strong instincts from their life in the wild.  However, even after trying your best to curb them, trying to stop your cat from climbing and scratching and it’s nearly an impossible task, by taking a multi-prong way of approach for modifying their usual behavior, you can save your favorite furniture and also can keep your cat happy and healthy. Here are some of the tips that might help you to avoid the destruction of your expensive furniture

Recreating the Scent of a kitty

Scratching is also known to be a scent marking action. Cats have some glands in their paws,  and that scent may not be that obvious to humans, but it is distinguished by other dogs, cats, and animals that roam around. When a cat scratches,  they are marking their territory. If you can put feline away on your beloved furniture, it is going to make them think that they have already marked the area.

Providing your cats with some Appropriate Scratching Surfaces

You are going to have entirely no just by merely training your cat so that they do not scratch the arm of your couch and table legs in your home if you do not provide them with something that is appropriate, a replacement that your cat can scratch instead. A proper scratching surface for your cat has to include some essential features.

The essential feature is weight. If your climbing tree or your scratching post starts to feel a little unsteady or wobbly, your cat is always going to abandon using it.  You need to Make sure that any scratching post that you want to purchase or build is going to behave enough stability for giving you a sturdy scratching surface. Proper height is also significant so that your cat can fully stretch itself out when scratching.

So basically, a short-sized scratching post is going to be ignored for the beautiful tall table leg, but If you have some extra space to spare, the scratching post must be sturdy and tall enough for your feline cat for indulging in its climbing instincts. While most cats do prefer to scratch and stretch up, some cats are just as fond as horizontally stretching out. A flat scratching surface such as the DIY cardboard scratching pad is pretty ideal for your cats.

Make sure that all of the scratching posts and surfaces is up to the satisfaction of your cat. Cats surely like things that they can tear up to see the outcome of their labor.

Making Scratching Improper places pretty Unpleasant

This does not mean you need to yell at your cat. Cats are brilliant animals.  Are going to clap your hands, or yell at,  or strike your cat when he or she is scratching inappropriately, he or she is going to associate this punishment with you quickly and avoid scratching furniture when you are around. However, when you’ are at work, your loveseat is going to be targeted for destruction. If You want to avoid your cat to scratch on your furniture with your cat starting to see you as the troll who protects the couch.

A small spray bottle can be a pretty useful tool at the time when you are home, and you can observe your feline pet. You should Not yell, or you should not make it known to your feline cat that you are the one who is behind the spritz of water. You want your feline cat for establishing a relationship between furiously digging into your carpet or scratching on the couch with the apparent random blast of water,  but you should not be anywhere near when this happens. That also means,  that unfortunately,  you should not be laughing when your feline cat has a disheartened look on its face after it is getting spritzed.

You can also check out some top cat repellents to keep them away from unwanted areas.

You can Make the surface in itself unappealing. It’s a pretty good tactic. Using Double-sided tape also an excellent deterrent. When your feline’s favorite scratching spot gets turned into a sticky shmuck instead of soothing, your cat is going to abandon it quickly. Make sure you are paying attention to what kind of tape you are purchasing, as you would want to have a removable double-sided tape and not the permanent double-sided tape. The removable tape has a lighter sticking property which is intended to affix party decorations and another user. You need to Make sure that you test a small area before you wrap up the complete side of your favorite chair then cover your eyes and ears.

Trim the Claws

This might be a difficult or a simple task, all Depending upon the temperament and the age and of your feline pet, If you own a kitten or a cute young cat, now will be the best time for them for having their nails cut without getting irritated. Trimming your feline pet nails can be pretty helpful when you are at the training phase of your cat to selecting the right scratching surfaces.  If you Remove even the tiniest bit of your cat’s nail, it makes it feel like a fabric-unraveling needle sharp hook. When I was training my cat to be away from our couch, she had surprisingly taken a liking to keep her nails, and it removed her ability to tear up the fibers of the couch. If you have never trimmed a cat’s nails before, it is not as difficult as it sounds.

When you take an approach of your cat’s scratching as a normal behavior but not as a  destructive prank and the fact that you have no control over this phenomenon, it becomes easier to be able to find a good solution for your feline and some relief for your poor abused furniture.  However, Before you invest your precious time and money in finding an alternative for your cat, you should probably take some time to observe the feline in action.

Look whether they go and start scratching right after they wake up from a nap?  Alternatively, Do they start to scratch excitedly after you start to play with them?  If you will Know how your feline likes to scratch, when they scratch and where do they scratch, will surely is going to help you in deciding what kind of scratching trees and posts do they enjoy and the place that would be right to place.

Scratching as Communication

Sometimes cats use scratching as their form of communication. If she is pretty happy or excited, you may find that she starts scratching on the furniture or might even on the carpet as a way to show her enthusiasm. Sometimes this is going to happen always in the same spot, like near the front door from where you come to your home or in a corner, the place where your cat likes to play. If you can pick up on these patterns, you may get a clearer idea of where you should set up the new scratching posts.

Let your cats tear it up.

Cats need to “tear” the material up, so make sure the posts are made of sisal or similar matter. They scratch to have a visual portrayal of their territory, so they need to see that they have torn up their post.

Feeling evil? Then Try the good old inflated balloon trick.

The small balloon is known to be working pretty well when it comes to the fight against your feline is furniture scratching. Once your poor feline pops a balloon using her claws, she is going to be done with that particular area for a while. Importantly: you need to Make sure that you are on-site for picking up the popped pieces since your cat might swallow them.

Out of the room

If your cat is getting too used to scratching your beloved furniture, you should keep him out of the room that he has been destroying when you are not at your home for coaching him how to scratch appropriate things.

Claw covers

If nothing is stopping your feline, you should try “Soft Paws,”  which is a little rubber colorful covers for your cat claws.


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