Twitter announced some new features shortly


Twitter has declared some more features which will work out in the coming days. Recently, in its Twitter Analyst Day meeting, the micro-blogging giant has declared some of the expected features. So, here are these new features that will be making their way to Twitter shortly.


Twitter is reportedly working on a Communities feature that will permit users to create user-hubs based on locations and mutual interests. This means users will be capable to form communities of like-minded users where they can discuss common topics, share new information, and interact with other people with shared interests.

Safety Mode:-

One of the things that Twitter needs to take seriously on its platform is user-safety. So, to keep users safe from bad content and spam tweets, the developers will work out a “Safety Mode for Twitter shortly. Inside the platform’s settings, it will be possible in the form of a toggle. When it is allowed, it will automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter rules.

Super Follows:-

Super Follows is a feature that will permit users to support their favored Twitter personality and get some extra perks from them. With this feature, users could provide a paid “super follow” to a Twitter handle and become a part of a special community. Following a super follow feature, users will be capable to get particular content from the profile, join subscriber-only conversations, obtain a “Supporter badge”, and receive subscriber-only newsletters.

Business Profiles:-

Another feature which Twitter is proposing to work out soon is business profiles: just like Facebook. Twitter will be “expanding taxonomy of account types on the platform, to differentiate between different kinds of profiles. This indicates that, from now, different kinds of profiles will have various properties.

Apart from improving the user experience, the organization also wants to keep its users safe and assist them to build creative communities to voice out their opinions.

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