For Kids Under 13, Facebook Is Working on a Dedicated Instagram Application


To better protect the privacy and safety of users on its platform, Instagram is now reportedly forming a kids version of its application. It will be a toned-down version of the main Instagram application and will allow users under the age of 13 to onboard the photo-sharing platform.

In an official blog post, Instagram recently shared its ideas to make the platform safer for its young user-base, especially teens and pre-teens. In the post, however, there was no mention of an Instagram Kids application anywhere. But, as per an interior company post obtained by Buzzfeed News, the Facebook-owned entity is working on a constant Instagram version for kids.

Instagram declares that it does not allow users below 13 to connect the platform. That rule, however, does not stop young users from joining the platform. As a result, the company recently updated its policies to prevent adult users from communicating with young users. Moreover, it has added many prompts to inform young users about the questionable actions of adult users on the platform.

Instagram Kids Coming Soon

The company is not ending its work in this direction. Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirmed today that an ‘Instagram Kids’ application is in the works. He will individually supervise the development of the new kids’ version of the application, along with one of Facebook’s VPs Pavni Diwanji. The concept here is similar to the company’s Messenger Kids application.

In a short interview with Buzzfeed News, Mosseri shared that young users mislead about their age while joining Instagram and it is difficult to track their correct ages. Mosseri stated in a post, “We have to arrange a lot here. But part of the solution is to build a version of Instagram for young people or kids where parents have clarity or control. It’s one of the things we’re searching for.

So, as you can imagine, even if the company is making an Instagram version for kids, it is still in its early stages. 

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