TRAI needs to know how long your mobile phone should ring


TRAI needs to know how long your mobile phone should ring. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) needs to know how long your mobile phone should ring before disconnection?

Trai has asked the industry’s ways to find relevant duration for a call to ring in an attempt to ensure optimal usage of network and spectrum resources. Trai also wants feedback on whether phone users be permitted to customize the phone ringing period to enhance customer satisfaction and possible methods to do so.

Now maximum phone ring time is configured in the mobile phone network, beyond which the network releases the connection forcibly if the called-part does not respond.


The maximum period allowed to respond to calls gets higher importance in phone network as the alerting phase involves scarce radio spectrum resources. “Said Trai in a discussion paper, titled Duration Alert for called Party.” issued Monday.

Moreover, since phone users mostly carry their mobiles with them and can reply much fastly, unlikely landline users where the landline device is away from the users. The ringing of your mobile phones for an extended period, when the called-part is unlikely to answer, Trai announced that “It would lead to non-optimal utilization of resources.”

But, the regulator also admitted that if the ring duration is configured “on the lower side,” it could ruin customer experience, mainly if the period is lower than the time usually taken to answer a call.

A particular telephone company, it said, they had reduced the call ringing time to 20 seconds, a scenario that could harm the network performance of other mobile and landline operators with higher durations, developing a case of bringing uniformity to the call ringing span.

In mobile networks, typically ring duration is 30-45 seconds, while for landline networks, it is between 60 to 120 seconds.

Therefore, Trai, in its conference paper, has asked feedback on whether guidelines are required to configure call ringing time consistently. Whether cutting-edge new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) should be utilized to find proper ringing spans to divide classes of telecom users.

The sector regulator has also asked for the opinions on whether steps should be taken to enable customers to differentiate between commercial and regular calls by their ringing duration to increase user satisfaction.

The time limit for stakeholder remarks and counter-comments for Trai’s new discussion paper are September 30 and October 7, respectively.


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