Top Best iMessage Alternatives for Android


Best iMessage Alternatives for Android – iMessage is a chatting application developed by Apple, and it is preinstalled on all Apple devices. You can send an instantaneous message to anyone with an iOS or macOS device, and it runs as an SMS app. As all iOS users used this app, now this app is switched to Android users also. Android users are waiting so long to use this app.

We have explored several apps, and we will tell you the Best iMessage Alternatives which you can use on your Android:-


  1. FACEBOOK MESSENGER:- Facebook messager is the well known and topmost messaging app that is much similar to the iMessage app. Along with messaging, voice, and video calls feature, you can also make payments with this app. There are also several sticker packs you will find. Android users can use the Facebook Messenger app as an SMS app. You will also see amazing tickets, Emoji and GIF.

Download Facebook Messenger (Free)

2. TELEGRAM MESSAGING:- Telegram messaging app is one of the best alternatives for iMessaging for both iOS and Android users. The Telegram messages are synced over the cloud, so you can easily access your messages from various mobiles at once. In this app, you find tons of bots and a fantastic gaming platform. So inside the app, you can play the games. With this app, you can share files up to 1.5 GB, create groups with up to 5,000 members and public channels.

Download Telegram (Free)

3. KIK MESSENGER:- You must have heard about this app, Kik Messenger is the most popular app. You can start this app with the username. When you are done with a username, you can start a conversation. This messenger has many updated features like features video calling, third-party app support, and much more. It works with your email ID, and you did not put a phone number. You can also play games with this messenger.

Download Kik Messenger (Free)

4. PUSHBULLET:- PushBullet gives you file-sharing, notification mirroring capabilities features, but users can also send messages from their computer or Mac. This app does not only send text messages but also supports different apps for messages like WhatsApp.

Download Pushbullet (Free, $4.99/month)

5. WHATSAPP MESSENGER:- WhatsApp is the most popular and topmost app around the world and is the best alternative to the iMessage app. Before WhatsApp is used in only Android mobiles, now you can use it on the Desktop or the macOS. This app gives you messaging features, sharing, free calls, and video calls feature.

Download WhatsApp Messenger (Free)

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