How to give a monochromatic look to your bedroom?

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Home decor is quintessential if you really want to make your house a home and want to come back to it daily. However, if you are not staying in the apartment independently, you will have a difference in the thoughts when it comes to decor theme. While for all others you may find a midway for your decor likes, it will be difficult for you to settle on one thing for the decor of your bedroom. It is so because this one room is to be shared by both of you. While the women may be inclined to having a palette of pastels, pinks or adding a tropical vibe to the room, men would want to room to have shades of brown or blue. So, in this blog, we have cracked the solution, we are going to share a decor theme here which both of you will love.

bedroom decoration

Yes, we are talking about the monochromatic look using black and white. Tell us a person who doesn’t love these colours? If not both, you must be a fan of at least one of these most popular colours. So, read the tips and begin checking mattress online price and the price for bed and other furniture as well.

  • Decide the dominant color- So, you have decided the colour theme, but to make it successful, you need to also make up your mind on the dominant colour. Do you want more white or more black? You should also know if you would keep the furniture white and fabric like bedsheet and rug black or vice versa.
  • Get a spray- It is important to stick to the theme of the room. If you still want to add some other colour then go for grey and nothing other than that. Moreover, if there is furniture that you don’t want to change but it is brown in colour, you can get a spray or colour and paint and then do some DIY together with your partner.
  • Don’t forget the bed- Bed and the mattress you use plays the primary role in the decor of your bedroom as it is the most apparent one. For instance, if you are keeping the bedsheet white, you should choose the cushions and pillows black and the runner of grey colour maybe. You can check the mattress online price to buy one. Try to pick a mattress that comes with washable cover. When you check the price for cushions, you should try to buy at least one cushion cover that is printed with a nice black and white pattern.
  • Use patterns and textures on focal wall- Undeniably, walls are the focal point of any room. This is why you should select one wall of the bedroom as the focal. Here you can place black and white photos of your two, black and white quotes, or even fringe hanging. You can paint one wall black and place white colour antique items on it.

So, use these tips and send us the pictures of your room when done!


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