Top Android to Android Screen Share Apps


Screen sharing sometimes can be a lifesaver. Assume, a friend of yours doesn’t know how to use Twitter. He or she is not lives nearby you. Then from this Screen sharing feature, you can explain everything to your friend. There are so many screen sharing apps available in the play store.

In this article, we will discuss here the best Android to Android screen share apps:-


  1. SKYPE:- You are using your Skype for video conferencing and calls, you can also use it for screen sharing. For this, you and your friend must installed the Skype latest version on their mobile. You have to open the conversation thread for that click on the username, and from the top right, select the Video call icon or the audio call icon.

When your call is connected, on the bottom right corner, tap on the three dots. Then you will see Share Screen option, click on the button to initialize the screen sharing feature.

  1. TEAMVIEWER QUICK SUPPORT:- When it comes to screen sharing, then TeamViewer is the best application to use. This application permits the remote user to control your device directly. When troubleshooting problems arise, then this remote user feature helps a lot.


How to use this app like a computer. First, you have to install this app on both the Android devices. After installing the app, TeamViewer will create a unique ID for your device. You have to share that ID with the person you want to share the screen with. To obtain your device, that person should have TeamViewer for Remote Control installed. When the person enters the unique ID into that app, the screen sharing will start.


  1. REMODROID:- RemoDroid is a straightforward app that makes it easy to share your Android screen with other Android users. This app won’t support screen sharing over the internet. If you are in your local network, you can only share the screen with Android users. While the screen sharing, you can also control the remote device, but it needs remote permission; otherwise you can’t control the remote device. As RemoDroid runs on a local IP address. To access your device, you can use the IP address from a browser on your computer.


  1. APOWERMIRROR:- ApowerMirror also works on the local network. From this app, you can share your Android screen with any device running Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. When screen sharing Android to Android, you cannot control the remote Android device; you can do it when you are accessing the remote device from your computer.

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