12 Tips to Speed Up the Performance of Android Tablets

android tablets

How to overcome android tablet is slow and likes, in this article I will share tips to speed up the performance of Android phone or more specifically my article this time will discuss the best way to accelerate the performance of Android tablets.

Usually, the tablet computer slows down because of the capacity of Ram or limited memory while you install so many applications, here’s how to solve the problem:

  1. Use Task manager to monitor the running apps.

you can open the task manager application which is the default application of each android tablets or device, Here Some Running apps on your android like utorrent Pro Apk see the use of RAM and any application that is running if it is not in need to close the application and clean up your RAM.

  1. Clean the cache of an application on a regular basis.

Cache is a memory in using an application to data, if it is felt the application so heavy when in open you can clean the Cache from the system.

  1. Do not use too many widgets.

Widgets are apps that stick to your tablet’s front page, like search, weather, analog clock. if deemed not too important and just made as a decoration widget should be deleted only because it spent a lot of memory on your android tablets.

  1. Turn off the animation on the device

The animation does look cool when you turn off your phone, turn on or navigate the menus, but keep in mind that to run the Animation spends so much power that will have an effect on your android tablets performance.

  1. Turn off sync, GPS, Bluetooth, automatic brightness and automatic rotation of the device

these are tips and tricks that you can use to speed up your Android tablet performance. Make it a habit to use the above functions only when it is needed, do not let all the functions are on all day because it can make and spend enough memory.

  1. Uninstall Unused applications

some people still keep the game that has finished he played or graduated, but he has never again used the application. to avoid the usage of wasted memory should the application be deleted only.

  1. Do Root on your Android Tablet

Not only android phones that can be in the root, the tablet can. for root function and the excess I have ever shared on this blog, please search it. and to do rooted you can search it from google because every device has a different way.

  1. Move application data to Micro SD

If your android phone is already in the root you can do this step, so the phone memory has more space to store other data.

  1. Do Factory Reset from system

If indeed you want to all the functions and performance of your android tablets like when you just bought it you can do this to make a fast android performance. but remember all your data will be erased.

  1. Use Supporting Apps

In this case, you can install applications that can facilitate you in cleaning the cache or set other performance, for example, clean master, advanced task killer, memory optimiser, etc.

  1. Raise the Speed of your device / Overclocking

In this case, only for those who understand just, like a tablet computer or Android phone can also be overclocked with the condition of the phone is in the root. many applications you can use. but thought first because over clocks cause Battery fast heat.

  1. Set the startup app on the device

Startup or auto start is a program that runs automatically when you turn on the android tablets, just as your computer can manage what applications need to run and turn off. just search the application auto start in google play.

that’s a collection of tips to speed up the performance of Android Tablets that may be able to help you, Keep in mind  Actually all the tips here can you apply also on your android smartphone to speed up its performance.


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