SolSol’s baseball hat- Charge your phone using solar power


Now there is no dead phone when you are wearing a ‘SOLSOL’ cap. It is a solar charging hat which can charge your smartphone. This solar panel phone charger cap eventually cures battery in your mobile devices and overcomes your carbon footprint. The SOLSOL cap is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones. Not only smartphones, but this hat also charges iPads, tablets, GoPros, battery banks, Bluetooth speakers, and more. This hat doesn’t consist of any battery, So it is entirely safe to wear.



SolSol cap is lightweight, comfortable, and water-resistant. This hat is also brilliant and appears in the popular 5-panel snapback flat brim baseball cap design. This hat composed of 100% cotton material and it’s very convenient to wear. Finally, never let your smartphone and other mobile tech dying during your outdoor get-togethers.


The SOLSOL hat is excellent for beaches, music festivals, sporting events, and camping trips. It makes you feel positive about the battery life of your devices. This portable charging cap uses clear and renewable solar power to charge your devices.


How SOLSOL hat works:-


The SolSol hat working is very easy. For this, you have to connect your mobile device into the USB port of the hat. Then the solar panels catch the sun’s light. After joining of the hat with the device, it sends that energy to the regulator, which immediately charges devices with 5 volts charging capability.



This is all about the SolSol cap that charges your phone with solar power, which is very beneficial for those persons who worked all in the smartphones. In today era, most of the work is done through smartphones. Those who need this type of charging panel grab it fast. You can purchase this cap from the amazon.


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