Why Personalised Sportswear is Selling Like Hot Cakes?


After decades spent in plain white sportswear, times have finally changed. Today, sportsmen and sports clubs have more colourful options to choose from. While few still take the retail or wholesale route, many sportsmen and sports clubs have shifted focus to personalised sportswear.

Many manufacturers have caught the wind as well, and have started offering options to customise sportswear. However, taking a stride are those manufacturers who have handed the designer’s tool in the hand of their customers, that is sportsmen and sports clubs.

Manufacturers like Zapkam offer free online 3D Kit Designer, a kind of designing tool that enables sportsmen or other people looking for customised sportswear to design their own sportswear from scratch.

Using this 3D Kit Designer, they can not only select the style of their choice but can do so much more. For one, they can add almost any colour under the sky to their style of sportswear selected previously. Two, they can add their team/club’s and sponsor’s logo/s. Three, they can add their names, numbers and initials.

football players
football players

Most manufacturers have been seen taking a keen interest in their customer’s requirements which has made the entire process of customising so much simpler. Having observed the pain areas closely these manufacturers have started to offer various useful options. For instance, Zapkam offers the option to order size samples and try the fit before buying personalised sports kit.

There are many more reasons why personalised sportswear is selling like hotcakes these days. Here are some.

Ease in Designing

Designing on a 3D Kit Designer is extremely easy and for many people, it’s fun too. Plus, a kit designer can be used anywhere, at any time, even at the comfort of home, which is another advantage. In fact, most Kit Designers are purposefully designed to afford ease to the users.

Branding Opportunity

Brands are mostly created when something unique is offered, something that is capable of lasting longer in the minds of the onlookers. Personalised sportswear provides that opportunity to sportsmen and sports clubs. It enables to create a lasting impression by designing a unique sportswear, and adding team’s/club’s logo, sponsor’s logo/s and team member’s names, numbers and initials.

Personalised Style

Personalised sportswear brings with itself a personalised style that runs across the team. It helps teams create a style of their own that can be recognised from a distance by their fans and audience.

Sponsorship Presentation

A 3D Kit Designer enables users to create 3D mockups of their designs. In fact, there are many manufacturers who do not put a number on 3D mockups that a user can create. So, teams can create as many mockups as they wish. These mockups can used in the presentations for sponsorships and can be presented with respective sponsor’s logo on it. This way of presenting/proposing is known to have helped many sports clubs and sportsmen in winning big sponsorships.

Personalised sports kits helps sports teams and clubs in customising their sportswear to the minutest details, such as the fabric of the sportswear, or whether the logo should be printed or embroidered. These extensive options are making life easier for teams and clubs as well as sportsmen who can focus on their game while wearing a stylised, comfortable custom sportswear.



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