3 Industries that Uses Products from Injection Molding


A multitude of industries all over the world make use of products made by companies specializing in injection molding in China. Because of the way injection molding works, most if not all industries are related with them in one way or another.

Plastics are sometimes referred to as the miracle material because of how versatile it can be. It can be molded into different kinds of products which is why it is seen almost everywhere you go.

The process of creating these molded plastic products should be precise and standardized, particularly for some of the more popular industries that use them. Here are a few of the most well-known industries that use products that are manufactured through injection molding.

Bottled Water Industry

One of the most important things in a person’s life is water. Everybody needs water to live. That being said, clean, drinkable water is not that easy to come by anymore. Today, the safest option to get drinking water is by buying a bottle of water.

Bottle water comes in different shapes and sizes, but overall, the bottles are entirely made from plastic. A bottle of water is comprised of three simple things. The main bottle, the bottle cap, and of course, the water inside it. Both the bottle and the bottle cap are custom made through different manufacturing processes— in most cases, through injection molding.

Medical Industry

This industry is filled with so many different materials and equipment that need to be somewhat disposable. This reason alone makes it one of the most plastic-reliant industries in the world. The medical industry needs equipment that are custom-made and precise. Sometimes they need their equipment to be precise to microscopic levels—something that only the best injection molding companies can provide.

There is a large collection of equipment in the medical industry. Apart from the operating systems and surgical equipment, almost all of the basic components that a medical facility would need is probably made from plastics.

Kitchen Industry

When people think of the kitchen, the first thing that they’d think of would probably be stoves, silverware, and knives. But those alone do not make up the whole kitchen. A lot of kitchen equipment are also plastic products! From plastic spatulas to serving spoons, plates, and even plates and bowls—the kitchen is almost filled with countless of molded plastic products.

One reason why the kitchen has this plastic equipment is because of children now getting more and more interested in cooking. Of course, parents would think twice before letting their 7 or 8-year-old hold a kitchen knife. Plastic knives, like the other plastic equipment in the kitchen, are kid-friendly—making them the perfect things to let your junior chefs cook!

Key Takeaway

There are many industries that rely on the manufacturing capabilities of companies that specialize in injection molding in China. The finest, most precise custom-made equipment dominate the medical industry, while tried and tested designs make the bottled water industry as clean and efficient as ever.

Try and think of all the other industries that use injection molding in a way and you’ll be surprised at just how many there are!


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