All-in-One Messenger Apps for Linux



Station didn’t have a Linux variant; I had to recognize for other alternatives. Scrolling into GitHub, Reddit, Ubuntu repository, I made a record of hand-picked All-In-One messenger apps for Linux, and see the list below:-




  1. SHIFT:- Shift is a Gmail focused email client app rather than the all in one messenger app. But it will work on both the roles. For a minimum user, it has an extensive listing of 700+ apps to pick from. This app grants you to use only two apps in the free variant. 

Shift supports multiple accounts for every app. The free variant also doesn’t have DND mode, unified search, chrome extensions,  etc. In the paid variant option, you couldn’t find a password manager integration or a lock-down mode. In this, you can’t do is that the free variant is quite restricted and Sent with Shift” signature on every email. 1200+ apps are supported.

Download Shift from here

2. WAVEBOX:- If you are a cooperate Gsuite user, then Wavebox is the best option to use. The free variant permits you only to use a maximum of 2 Gmail accounts. And when you add your Gmail account, it joins all GSuite applications within a tabbed style. Along with Gmail, you can do other messaging and collaboration apps like Trello, Slack, etc. 

Wavebox is a cloud sync support. It also injects CSS and JS code for each service. You can also customize keyboard shortcuts.

Download Wavebox from here

3. All-IN ONE MESSENGER:- All-in-one messenger is the common app to use. This is a cross-platform app. You can open this app without Google Chrome. You receive all the popular messaging apps like Slack, WhatsApp, Discord, Google Hangouts, etc. This app is a minimal UI design and footprint. This app supports multiple accounts for a single tap. You can also mute notification for a single application. 

For a minimal user, All-in-one messenger is a good choice, and for power users, there are around 13 apps to pick from, and most of them are messaging applications. There is only a disadvantage is that in this app, there is a lack of password integration. The apps supported are 10+. 

Download All-in-one messenger from here

These are the best all-in-one messenger apps for Linux. Try these apps and share your feedback with us.  


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