Instagram Music Now Available in India; ‘Here’s How It Runs


When you saw music stickers in an Instagram story, and you can’t listen to music what someone has shared, then it feels restless and also gives an error when you examine to play that Instagram music is not available in your area. Now, no need to concerns this Instagram music feature now accessible in India also. You could listen to the music in Instagram stories if someone shared music stickers. 

You can easily add Instagram music stickers in your stories, and you can share all over the world. You can add Instagram stories of the popular songs, both international and regional. 


  1. Open Instagram on your phone and to open the camera UI wipe left from the feed. You can use this Instagram feature in two ways i.e. take the “Music” camera mode from the UI or select a picture and lyrics on the story.

Instagram Music Now Available in India

2. Firstly, we will tell you about Music camera mode. When you open to it, you will first be prompted to choose a song, followed by video effects like Glitch, Pulse, Vintage, VCR, and Glow.

3. You can then record a video to see the Music sticker seem over your Instagram Story or snap a picture and the song you chose playing in the background.

4. Now the next action is how to add an Instagram Music sticker or display lyrics on the story. Take a picture or record a video. Swipe up from the bottom and select the new ‘music’ sticker option.

5. You will now have to choose a track which you liked. And after that, you will notify options to modify the timestamp from where you want to start playing the song, with lyrics in various fonts and sticker styles.

6. When you use one of the methods, then you can share your Instagram story with your followers. The users who view your stories, they can be capable of listening to the song of your story.
This is the way to use Instagram music stickers in your stories, Instagram stories is a great way to share your personal life and as well as another important part.

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