New York City walking Tours: The best way to experience the city


Are you planning for a vacation in New York City? Then maybe you also want to get an insider’s perspective of this New York City? You must know that in this situation, there is nothing better than to take a New York City walking tour. Vacations are not always the top priority every year for every family. So, you can understand that there is nothing better than this idea.

Kids are back in schools and the rates are quite lower during this low peak season. This is the best time to find the good place for the Jazz performances in NYC. There are a lot of sightseeing tours in this city that you can simply go on to see the history of this city.

There is no doubt that this is really a good place to visit, but it will be better not to rush through without going on some walking tours in this city. Just in time of Halloween, everyone knows that the Big Apple is known to be the most haunted city in America. You can check out whether this city can scare you with some of their ghost tours.

You can check out some famous haunted places if you are willing to learn about the stories and legends behind such ghost places of this amazing city. Well, one thing is there in addition that these tours are known to be great for any age. Their legends are generally combined with some historical facts that are able to peak interest of people from all ages.

Apart from the ghost tours, one can easily consider the walking tours to explore the city and the attractions it has. The city is known for the city of museums, ancient architecture, galleries, media outlets, big corporate companies, stock exchanges, and also for performance venues. However, the city has the reputation of being the most expensive city in around the world.

You can also enjoy it on a shoestring budget if you have already done thorough research and also planning on a long distance walk through the city. This is considered to be an inexpensive way to find some juicy deals on goods. The best walking tours can be going to the Chinatown and Little Italy, or going on a popular themed tour like The Sex and The City, Gangs of New York or Friends tours offered by various walking tour companies.

You need to stay overnight in a hotel and allow yourself to take some more rest if you are planning to go through the entire city within next few days. Even today a walking tour from the Greenwich to the museums and galleries will cost almost the same as it would have cost you a few years back. Some of the things can not be missed.

On that list, the evening shows and the famous monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building are there.


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