2 reasons to gift your husband a blotter this valentines


Valentine’s day is here and you are worried sick. After all, you do not have the gift ready yet and you know deep in your heart that your husband is going to once again surprise you with a wonderful gift. You can not fail, not this year at least! Shower your better half with a gift that he would have never expected in a lifetime! Gift him a leather desk blotter.

A desk blotter? That too made of leather? How is that even going to work right? Well, here is the scenario. Your husband is a very busy corporate individual. E worries day and night about how he can improve the work back at the office. Often times he is worried sick about how he is going to finish off the daily targets. When you are gifting him something that is completely unexpected – a blotter made of leather, he will feel grateful for having a wife who supports all his dreams and will stick through on his ambition of becoming successful.

  1. Blotter – a gift that shows support

Everyone appreciates a good sense of humor. Something that is thoughtful and interesting at the same time is always appreciated. Similarly, you can metaphorically derive the meaning of a blotter by explaining to your husband how it is the basic support system of the entire office. The way a blotter absorbs every mish mash and ink of the workplace and also makes it comfortable to work in, similarly, you will be there beside him all throughout your life, absorbing carefully and letting him rest while you provide the support.

After hearing this, do you not think that you should gift him a blotter?

Now a desk blotter made of leather is very crucial for working and functioning office. the leather blotters are not at all like that of the low-quality plastic or paper blotter.

A leather blotter comes with a stable pad system. This desk blotter serves multipurpose use and is very good support on the long duration of work. Once you gift this to your husband, he will appreciate the effort that you have placed in getting a gift which will automatically offer him relief during the work hours.

  1. Leather blotter serves multipurpose

Not only does leather look very classy but also emphasizes the overall decor of the office. This enhances the total outlook and ties the entire place together. Make sure that you are choosing a good texture that goes with every decor idea.

Now blotters are also going to act as a desk pad. Wooden pieces and furniture are much better protected in that way.

It this ply you are getting an all in one gift.

A leather desk blotter is a great gift as it fits into all the categories and looks perfect in every setting. Also, by providing a base for the laptop or a tablet, the dimensional usage increases to multiple folds. All of these features are to be adored. So why shy away from a great gift that will surprise your husband and make him appreciate the thoughtful side of you.


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