Microsoft Surface Repair in Dubai


Microsoft Surface is one of the most sold laptops in the past 7 years. Ever since the Microsoft Surface series was introduced in the year 2012, the features and functions have changed drastically over the years.

Microsoft surface, especially Microsoft Surface pro is known for having great specifications as it is a detachable laptop which can also be used as a tablet. The special structure of the laptop makes it even more unique in the market and not all detachable laptops come with an inbuilt stand to use the screen as a tablet.

This laptop is the dream gadget for a person who works mostly on their computers, especially for photo editors and digital artists. This electronic device allows you to download various software that will help you use pen-based painting technique.

With the variety of functions available, there are chances that your gadget might become vulnerable to the change in technology and unpredictable situation such as breaking your screen while travelling to your office or college. FixerMan is the right place for you if you want to get your Microsoft surface pro LCD replacement at an affordable price.

 Microsoft Surface display replacement in Dubai

Microsoft Surface display replacement in Dubai:

At FixerMan, we will help you replace your screen and make your laptop work perfectly within a day. You no longer have to wait for days to wait for repair services as we provide a variety of service styles where you can reach out to us at our store or we can bring our repair services to you via bike pick-up or sending our service van to you.

We have expert technicians present at our service centre who will be able to replace your old broken screen in new one within hours and provide you with a new version of your old laptop.

Microsoft surface pro battery replacement:

A battery is the most important part of any electronic gadget, we know how a dull battery can affect the life of the laptop, and therefore, we will replace your old defective battery with a new authentic one within hours of receiving the laptop for service.

Microsoft surface keyboard change:

Customer who types hard on their keyboard knows how damaged or broken keyboards can cause a huge headache for the user. We will help you repair the broken keys and replace them with the new ones and in case the new keyboard is required we will not keep you waiting as we always keep our replacement products in stock and replace the damaged keyboard with the new one immediately.

FixerMan the right service centre for you:

At FixerMan we will provide you with repairs and replacement for Screen damage, Battery Replacement, Keyboard Replacement, Ram Upgrade, Hard Drive Upgrade, Software Problems and many more. Our price ranges from 650 AED to 1150 AED, depending on the type of Microsoft Surface series you have and the repair you need!

Just register for a quote at and then choose the type of service you require. We will repair your product within a day and provide you with a stress-free day.


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