What Is MAC Address And How You Can Find It


If you are trying to connect to a different wifi, but it’s not running. You have all the right information but still says, “Can’t Connect.” Now, when you realize this issue to the network admin, he asks for the device’s MAC address.


Now What is MAC Address and how you can find it

When an electronic device connects to any network has a unique identifier named Mac address. Mac( Media Access List) address is also called a physical address. The address seems like “F8-28-19-4E-95-61”.


How You Can Find Mac Address in Window 10:

There are so many ways to find the Mac address but the best ways to find with the command line:


  1. First, you require to open the command line. Tap on the “start” button, and you have to type “cmd” or “Command Prompt.” When the results, you will get, on the command prompt icon right-click and select “Run as Administrator.”

When you see the command window, then type “ipconfig /all” in a command prompt window.


  1. Now the command shows you all the network information of the system’s Network Adapters. Now check which network adapter is connected to the router. When you are connected through wifi, so network adapter is “Wireless LAN adapter wifi.” When you are connected through LAN, it should be Ethernet Adapter. Now check the active network adapter, i.e., Physical address. You will find your MAC Address besides the physical address.


  1. If this is complicated for you, then you can check the Mac address through GUI. For this, you have to open the Network and Sharing Center. Tap on Start menu and type “Network and Sharing Center.”

  1. You can also right-click on the start menu and select the “Network Connections” option.


  1. When the network connections page opens, select your active wifi network. You have to right-click on the Network and tap on Status.

  1. After this, select the “details” option. Then “network connections details” page will open.

  1. Then search for the physical address option, and you will get the address of your device.



How You Can Find MAC Address On MacOS:

  1. The steps are related to those of Windows. You have to open the command line. For that first, We have to open the terminal. Run Cmd + Space to trigger Spotlight Search. On the search bar type “Terminal.” When the search results will get select the “terminal icon.”

When the terminal screen will open then type the “network setup -install hardware report” command in the command prompt.


  1. Then you will see all the hardware information about all the network adapters on your device. When you are connected to wifi, then you will see the Mac address in “Hardware Port: wifi.” In wifi, you will find the ethernet address, which is your Mac address.

  1. Again you can also find the address under GUI. For this, tap on the apple icon at the top left corner of the desktop. Select the “System Preferences” from the dropdown list.


  1. When the system preferences window will open, click on the Network.


  1. A pop-up screen will open, tap on the active wifi interface to see the address. Then select the “Advanced” option.


  1. A new screen will open, then click on the Hardware option. In this, you will get the Mac Address.

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