5 Tips On How To Maintain Productivity while Working Remotely

Maintain Productivity while Working Remotely

Whether you’re working at home, at a park, at your favorite coffee shop, or at a fine co-working space in the Philippines, working remotely can have its own advantages and disadvantages. Commonly, that would include an overly-comfortable environment that may tempt you to procrastinate and leave you cramming at the end of the day. Yikes!

To help avoid this kind of scenario, we’re giving you 5 effective tips that you can use in maintaining productivity while working remotely.

1. Create a Schedule

create a schedule

Completing your workload for the day can be crucial without a schedule to follow. Hence, it’s only important to create a schedule in order to smoothly fulfill your tasks for the whole day. Not only will this help you finish your load but also, it will help you allot more time for the things that you want to do for the rest of the day. Maybe an eat-out with the family or a brief catching up with friends.

More so, you will be able to adjust and understand yourself better, on which particular time you’re most productive and which is not. Making the most out of working remotely can be as easy as it sounds, however, what you have to deal with here is your self-discipline given the many distractions that may just be a few steps away from you.

2. Set your Priorities

Set your priorities

Unlike working in a conventional office environment, setting priorities in a remote work can be challenging. This is given that you do not have much supervision around from the management. So how do you organize your load?

First you have to find a work routine that will suit you best. Commonly, most will create a to-do list which entails different priorities. It could be prioritizing the difficult, heavier tasks followed by the easy ones. Or maybe prioritizing a number of smaller tasks over the few difficult ones to focus on it further.

Secondly, however, should there be urgent tasks to complete, it should always be your top priority followed by the important ones, and then the regular tasks. Moreover, it could be helpful as well to remind yourself that urgent is different from important.

3. Choose your tools Wisely

Of course, it’s important to also to pick a set of tools that will help you work efficiently and productively. This may be your work station, where your setup can hinder you from working efficiently. Change your seat if it’s distracting you, or maybe use a thick book to avoid leaning to your laptop screen. Or, this may be the software programs that crashes at the most inappropriate times.

Whichever tool you may choose, always make sure that this will not disrupt your workflow and instead, will help you work productively.

4. Avoid distractions

This is the most crucial part of working remotely. With the distractions that may be right beside you, either that’s a remote for the TV or a PSP game pad, it could be difficult not to surrender to your personal needs. But, you have to remind yourself that you still have to separate work and personal activities regardless of where you’re working.

In order to do so, list down your don’ts in a sticky note and put it in front of you. This will help you keep your focus in place and while this may be a struggle in the first try, having sufficient self-control can help you adjust and become used to it.

5. Do not Overwork

Do not overwork

Of course, do not ever overwork. While you may be working remotely, equipped with the freedom to work comfortably, in the way you want to, overworking may still be present. As much as you love your work, know when to stop. At the very least, avoid bringing work on weekends or in your supposedly days offs. Keep you time in check and make time for yourself and loved ones.

Furthermore, if you’re working at home, learn to leave your house for a while. Maybe in the morning, jog around your area before you start working. You still need the sun to shed you some vitamins, anyway. The same goes for pampering yourself, whenever you have some extra time for the day, treat yourself to a spa or a salon. Even more, rest whenever you can as this will help you energise and avoid being burnout.

Key Takeaway

By working remotely, it’s important to remind yourself of separating personal activities from work. This is so you can practice working efficiently and productively regardless of the environment you’re working in. More so, you will be able to safe keep your time for your personal engagements and further avoid overworking yourself.


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