What will Life Be Like in 100 Years?

Life Be Like in 100 Years

Many people make different predictions about the life on Earth in future. There are futurologists all over the world who predict many possibilities about the Earth, which may seem strange or impossible today but still become quite possible in the future.

The world is changing every second nowadays because innovations are being made constantly by the scientists around the world. The weather in different parts of the world are experiencing great climatic change due to many deformations in the climatic pattern.

We can experience many other changes which will occur possibly in the days to come. In this article, we are going to discuss about the possibilities or the predictions about how will be the life in the coming 100 years.

Controlling the weather

The weather can be controlled quite efficiently with the help of new technologies in the future. Even in today’s world, clouds are being are deviated in case of heavy rains and tornadoes are being made to rain instead. This method might not be used very often and will serve the purpose of avoiding damage in areas where disaster takes place. The whole world is experiencing change in their respective climatic pattern. There are reasons like global warming and greenhouse effects, due to which our mother Earth may experience hotter summers and cooler winters. That is why, the ways of controlling the weather has gained much importance and controlling the weather will be common to avoid harsh weathers in the future.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be vital

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence (AI) will play a vital role in the future. This is because the significance of artificial intelligence is growing rapidly in today’s age at almost every sector. It will develop its own intelligence to control and do operations like the brain of a man. Some drawbacks or faults are also related with this method since we have heard recently about the artificial intelligence program of Facebook, which needed to be shut down. It was developing its own set of languages, which was impossible to interpret for humans. Still, it is considered as one of the important inventions of this era and should definitely help man in the near future.

  • Size of Buildings and Homes

buildings and homes

The size of the buildings would be much different as they are now. It is predicted that the buildings will be much taller or they might be built underground, for man may be able to live underground. There are also innovation going on for making places under the water suitable for living of humans. The sky scrapers will be much common as the amount of population will also go very high. The buildings will be made without much effort due to the use of 3D printing technology. There will underwater cities to sustain human life under the water and too without any discomfort.

  • 3D Technology

3D technology

The 3D technology will be another technology which will help to shape the future better and also a vital role. The technology of 3D printing helps to produce materials just as home, to make us comfortable while we are away. Viewing and recording of films will be of much higher quality due to the greater use of 3D technology in these sectors. Almost every field on earth is trying to incorporate the use of 3D technology in their respective departments.

  • LED Technology

The LED technology is taking over the market and it will be used as one of the most important technologies in the future. Man will have LED installed in most of the gadgets possible. It is very efficient in their use and has low cost, which might prove economical to man. Furniture may also have LED installed in them to enhance the looks. Smart walls will be popular as they may have LED installed in them and humans will not have to think again about decoration during parties.

  • Drones may replace Cars


The rule of keeping personal cars may be eradicated as humans in the future may switch over to keeping of drones instead of mere cars. The use of over the road and underground tunnels will be more practised. The drones will face no problem such as traffic and others. They will be faster than cars, prove to be more efficient and may cause less pollution than the cars.

  • Holiday Destinations

The holiday destinations may be more enhanced and humans will be able to spend their holidays on moon or on mars. There will be space shuttles plying more frequently for the driving of humans to outer space. The reach of common people will be enhanced further and they will be able to visit places outside Earth more often and visiting space would become more viable and much more often.

These are some of the predictions about how technology will affect life in the future and how life will be like in 100 years from now on.


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